Our annual game Girls v Boys took place on the 24th June (sorry for the delay) As you can see by the Ladies, this is a fun day where the Girls dress in pink and the Boys wear blue. The Girls were armed with water pistols and other items in a bid to put the Boys off. Unfortunately it didn't work. The Girls had 1 winning Rink and a Drawn Rink with the Boys winning overall 119 - 78. Pts 11-3.
Better luck next year Girls. We need to think of another plan.. Photos in the Club Photos page under the About us heading above. Report by Pat Metcalfe

13th -15th June 2016
Day 1 of the Annual Aussie Pairs was a very hot one with temps reaching 39c by 3pm. 
With 6 groups of 6 Teams, battle commenced. The next 2 days were a bit cooler but not much. 
The eventual winners were Jean McLaughlin & David Bluff from El Cid. Congratulations to you both.

The other results are as follows:
Losing Semi Finalists:
Steve Griffin and Tim Woodcock ( BBC ) Derek and Anita Randall El Cid
The Final was between
Derek Eldon El Cid and Derek Angell Visitor from Australia
David Bluff and Jean McLaughlin El Cid
Thanks to the Umpires, Jerry Bartley, Tony Hesketh-Field & Clive Langhan
Photos in the Club photos page, Heading About us.


The Committee & Members of El Cid Bowls Club  

would like to congratulate Derek & Lynne Eldon 

for being selected to represent Spain in the forthcoming 

World Bowls Championships in Christchurch New Zealand in November 2016

We wish them the best of luck and hope they can help the Spanish Team bring back a medal or two.

Information regarding the Championships will be available on 



AUSSIE PAIRS OPEN 13th 14th & 15th June 2016----



9th 10th & 11th May 2016

Three great days of bowling enjoyed by a full entry of 36 teams, made up of Teams from El Cid, Javea, BBC, Bonalba, Monte Mar, Greenlands, Country Bowls, San Luis & Oakley BC (UK)

The Teams were drawn into 6 groups with the group winners and best 2 runners up going through to 1/4 finals on the final afternoon, followed by the winners going on to the semi finals.

The semi finalists were, Trefor Evans & Hazel Duke (BBC) against Russell & Sabrina Marks (San Luis) and our own Derek & Lynn Eldon drawn against Julian & Jo Pering (San Luis).
Both were excellent and very close games. The BBC v San Luis game was very close, they were level after 16 ends, San Luis scored 2 on the 17th and time ran out before 18th end could be played. The other semi final, which was even closer, went to the 18th end with the scores level. 

Derek Eldon's last bowl finished on the jack for what looked like being the winner, but, with probably the shot of the competition, Jo drew her final wood onto Derek's bowl with just enough weight to nudge it out and give her the shot and a place in the final.
The final was between the 2 San Luis Teams, and in view of the lateness of the final Game, the ends were curtailed. The eventual winners were Jo & Julian Pering with Russell & Sabrina Marks the Runners up.
Our sponsors Trevor and Coral presented engraved glass plaques to the losing semi finalists, also the Runners up Russell & Sabrina Marks. The J&J Trophy and Plaques were presented by Coral Wearn to the winners Jo & Julian Pering. Thank you to all the Spectators who stayed and supported the finals.

El Cid Bowls Club would like to thank Trevor and Coral Wearn for their continued sponsorship of this annual event. Also thanks to all the Clubs taking part.

PHOTO...Winners: Jo & Julian Pering [San Luis B C] 

Sponsors: Coral & Trevor Wearn [More Pictures in Club Photos,drop down menu above "About Us"]


El Cid Club Captain DerekEldon
El Cid Club President
Hazel Brown
presenting a Cheque to Jackie Phillips of MABS
for the sum of €262 which has been raised for the Captains Charity


Another wonderful 2 days of competition saw Mavis Dugdale remembered in style.
With John Dugdale and other family members present to introduce the Competition and make the presentations.
15 teams divided into 3 groups took part. 
All teams were pre-drawn to include a mix of bowling experience. It was great to see so many of our new bowlers doing well. 

Teams winning through to the semi finals were the group winners, (Group A) Ron Dingle, Alan Ferrand and Jill Glastonbury. (Group B) Pat Arnett. Anita Randall and Paul Trunchion. (Group C) Anne Beauchamp, Hazel Brown and David Bluff. The best runners up also going through were Debbie Williams , Norma Warrillow and Jim Sissens.
Winning through to the final were the Jim Sissen's team along with David Bluff's team. After a close final match this years Champions are DEBBIE WILLIAMS, NORMA WARRILLOW AND JIM SISSENS.
Before the main presentations, John Dugdale presented Derek Randall with a gift in recognition of his hard work in the organisation of the Competition. 
Following the main presentation of some beautiful glass trophies, all entrants were invited to take part in a free raffle, and then to enjoy a delicious selection of tapas.

All in all a fantastic way for the El Cid Bowls Club to remember a wonderful Lady, and for her massive contribution in making the Club what it is today.

Report written by Paul Trunchion. Winners Photos below. More on the Club photos page.














Our last game of the 2015/16 League season was played against Greenlands BC at El Cid. A win for El Cid made a nice finish to the Season.

We had wins on 3 rinks. The highest winning Rink was Paul Whitmee, with Adrian Lambert, Paul Trunchion & Jean McLaughlin after picking up 5 shots on the first end, never looked back. They also picked up 2x6s on the 8th & 9th ends. They finished the game with a massive 44 - 6.

The next winning rink was Pat Metcalfe, with Tony Metcalfe, Graham King & Shirley Payne. Never looking back from the first end also had a large win 27 - 11.

The 3rd winning Rink was Derek Randall with Ian Brown, Stewart Beattie and Anita Randall. Leading from the first end they were 13 - 4 up after 10 ends. They dropped 3 shots over the next 2 ends. By the 17th end they were 16 all going into the last end. They were down 1 shot in the head and the opposing Skip bowled his last bowl and knocked El Cid's second bowl in for shot. A fortunate win but, a win all the same 17 - 16

Derek Eldon's Rink with Yvonne Briden, Hazel Brown and Lynne Eldon, had a very close first 8 ends at 7 all. Unfortunately they only scored 1 shot over the next 7 ends and were 8 - 18 down at 16 ends. They picked up 5 shots on the last 2 ends and finished 13 - 18.

Jack Wardrop's Rink with David Bluff, John Carr and Ros Dingle, had a very close fought game. Drawing level 4 times during the game, lost 10 - 12.

Final results.. El Cid 111 shots  Greenlands 63 shots.. 8pts El Cid  4pts Greenlands.

Unfortunately Greenlands didn't have a Berleen Team but, our Berleen players played against one another. 

Well done everyone. On behalf of the Winter League Team, our thanks go to WL Capt Derek Randall and his Vice Capt Adrian Lambert for all their hard work in selecting the Teams, sometimes in difficult situations when trying to make a full Team.

When people drop out at short notice, it is important to replace them with someone who can play the same position, therefore, Northern League players were called upon for their experience. Thank you to all the replacements who stepped in, sometimes at short notice..

Written by Pat Metcalfe



This final El Cid Championships Match was between the Ladies Singles Champion Lynne Eldon and the Mens Singles Champion Stewart Beattie. The game was played on Sunday 3rd April.

The Spectators were treated to an excellent final with the scores remaining close all through the game. 

The conditions were not very favourable, with strong gusty winds affecting the bowls all through the game. 

The final victor of the match was the Ladies Singles Champion Lynne Eldon winning 21-17


Our penultimate game was played at El Cid against Monte Mar BC. The weather was threatening a rearrangement a couple of days before, but, as normal here in Spain, it changed and we were able to get the game played with no delays.

A very good win for El Cid winning on 4 rinks and the overall scores.

Our top rink this week was Clive Scott with Adrian Lambert, Paul Trunchion & Jean McLaughlin. They were ahead from the first end to the last winning 25-8.

Derek Eldon's rink with Lynne Eldon, Hazel Brown & Geraldine Scutt started slowly for the first 5 ends and drew level at 6 all on the 6th. They never looked back from then onwards and won 24-13

Next up was Derek Randall with Ian Brown, Stewart Beattie & Anita Randall. Never in trouble from the start winning 26-16.

Our next winning rink was a bit closer over the first few ends. Jack Wardrop with David Bluff, John Carr and Ros Dingle, managed to stay ahead from the first end but on the 8th end were only 2 ahead 10-8. On the 11th end Monte Mar scored 3 making it 10-11 down. Over the last 7 ends only 1 more shot was scored against them and they won 20-12

Our only losing rink was Pat Metcalfe with Tony Metcalfe, Graham King & Shirley Payne. A very hard struggle most of the way through the game 1-15 down at 6 ends. They managed to rally a few more shots in the second half and finished 11-22.

Unfortunately there was no Berleen Trophy as Monte Mar couldn't raise a Team and conceded the game to El Cid.

Final results, El Cid 106 shots Monte Mar 71 shots.. 10pts to El Cid 2pts to Monte Mar..

Our final game next week is against Greenlands BC at El Cid. Another win will take us to 6th place in the League Table to finish the Season off..

Written by Pat Metcalfe


Match Secretary Derek Randall, has now put all the Draw sheets/order of Play/ Rules on our website and Notice board at the Club.
Click on "Competitions", then click on "Club Competitions". [Teams Updated 4th April]


Our last away game of the Season was played at San Miguel BC. They weather was absolutely amazing at around 25degs. The scores on the doors were also in our favour with a win of 11pts to 1pt.. With 2 more games at home  we are hoping for a midway, or better, finish in the League Table.

Our top rink again was Derek Eldon, Lynn Eldon, Hazel Brown and Geraldine Scutt. They were never behind from the start. At 9 ends they were 11-4 up and nearly doubled thatat the end winning 21-9. 

Next up was Pat Metcalfe's rink with Tony Metcalfe, Graham King and Shirley Payne. After winning the first 2 ends, didn't score for the next 4 ends 3-5 down. By 9 ends, once they got the speed of the green in their heads, went 9-5 up. From then on they were never behind and finished 18-10.

Clive Scott's rink were the next winning rink with Adrian Lambert, Paul Trunchion and Jean McLaughlin. All level on the 6th end 6 all. They drew level again 3 times after that and were 14 all on the 15th end. Picking up 5 shots over the last 3 ends, they won their game 19-14.

A close encounter for Derek Randall's rink with Ian Brown, Stewart Beattie and Anita Randall. They were ahead most of the game 9-5 up at 9 ends. On the 11th end they scored 4 which gave them a cushion of 7 shots. Only scoring 1 shot over the next 4 ends the score was much closer at 14-12. On the 17th end they drew level at 15 all going into the last end. 1 shot scored on the last gave them 2 valuable points.

Finally, Jack Wardrop's rink with David Bluff, John Carr and Ros Dingle, ended up with a real cliffhanger. 

Close all the way for the first 9 ends 10-12 down with both sides scoring a 5 and a 6. Never far away at anytime in the second half with only 2 shots in it most of the time. On the 15th end they were 15 all. Over the last 3 ends both scoring 2 shots for a drawn game 17-17.

The Berleen Rink with Floyd Williams, Peter Morgan, Debi Williams and Cori King had a great win. At 9 ends they were 8-11 down and then had a great second half keeping close and all square at 18 all on the 17th end. They picked up 3 on the last winning the game 21-18.. Well done.

Final overall scores.. El Cid 91 shots San Miguel 65 shots. Points El Cid 11 San Miguel 1. Plus the 2pts for the Berleen. 

Nice one everyone lets keep it going till the end..

Written by Pat Metcalfe



































































We travelled to Bonalba BC today. One of the two remaining away games left. Apart from the wind being a bit strong at times, the sun shone down on us for a win today although we had a couple of very close calls and drawing on 1 rink.

Our top rink once again was Derek Eldon with Yvonne Briden, Hazel Brown and Jack Coburn. On the 5th end they were 1-9 down. Over the next 5 ends they picked up 11 shots and went ahead 12-9. From then on they were never down again and won 22-15.

Next up was Derek Randall's rink with Ian Brown, Stewart Beattie and Anita Randall. A very close fought game, at 9 ends 7 all. At 14 ends with only 1 shot in it, they were 10-9 up. Over the last 4 ends they picked up 3X3s with a final score of 19-12.

The drawn game was Jack Wardrop's rink with David Bluff, John Carr and Ros Dingle. At 9 ends they were 10-7 up. They lost 5 shots over next 2 ends and were 11-12 down. At 14 ends they drew level at 14 all. The last 4 ends were very close with both sides scoring. They went into the last end 15-17 down and scored 2 shots to level the game at 17 all. 

The two losing rinks had very close games and could have gone either way. 

Clive Scott's rink with Adrian Lambert, Paul Trunchion and Jean McLaughlin, had a very close game being 8 all at 9 ends. At 14 ends they were 12-10 up and got stuck on the last 4 ends and lost 12-15.

Pat Metcalfe's rink with Tony Metcalfe, Graham King and Shirley Payne were very unfortunate on the last end of the game. They were 8-7 up at 9 ends. On the 17th end they 15-16 down. On the last end, with just 4 of their bowls left to play, they were 3 down at the head, the first bowl was unsuccessful. The opposition were trying to protect. The next call was for a weighted bowl to either, get the jack and trail to a waiting bowl, or the shot bowl. The jack was hit and unfortunately bounced off another bowl. Also our 4th shot was removed in the process. With just 2 bowls left and needing at least 1 for a draw, both bowls failed to meet their target and they lost 15-20.

Our final results: El Cid 7pts  Bonalba 5pts.  Overall Shots 85 El Cid  79 Bonalba. Very close.

Unfortunately there was no Berleen Trophy today.

The end of the Winter League Season is now drawing to a close with just 3 games left to play. 1 away next week and the last 2 at home. It would be nice to finish half way up the League, or even higher. Lets hope we can win all 3...

Written by Pat Metcalfe

Northern League 
21st March 2016 Away to BBC Lions v El Cid Swords
First of all, CONGRATULATIONS  to our Challengers Team with Jill Glasonbury, Alan Ferrand  & Jack Coburn. They secured a second place finish in the Challengers League with an emphatic 30 - 5 win.
Well done.
The main game results not so good, losing by 8pts - 2pts. 
The winning Team was Clive Scott, Halina Leeder & John Olliffe scoring 20 - 15 
Unfortunately our other 3 Teams didn't quite make it.
Tony Carroll, Bernie Isaacs & Jacquie Carroll lost 16 - 19. 
Paul Leeder, Stewart Beattie & Pat Arnett lost 15 - 26. 
Jim Thomas, Gerry Isaacs, & Ann Eslick lost 11 - 27.
This was our last game of the Season 2015/16. Lets hope we have a better 2016/17 season. 
Written by Tony Carroll Northern League Captain


Today we played host to La Siesta BC. The weather was on our side with the warmest day for a while at 19 degs. 

We had a couple of very tight finishes with 3 wins and 2 losses plus the overall score.

Our top winning rink was Derek Eldon with Yvonne Briden, Hazel Brown and Lynne Eldon, winning 10 of the 18 ends and ahead most of the game, won 24-10.

Clive Scott's rink with Adrian Lambert, Paul Trunchion and Geraldine Scutt also had a good win. 

They too won 10 of the 18 ends and were never behind from the 1st end winning 20-11.

A very close fought game on Derek Randall's rink with Ian Brown, Stwart Beattie and Jean McLaughlin. At 9 ends they were 6-4 up and lost 3 on the next end 6-7 down. 

They drew level on the 16th end at 11 all. They won 2 on the 17th and lost 1 on the 18th end winning by 1 shot 13-12.

The other cliffhanger of the day was Pat Metcalfe's rink with Tony Metcalfe, Graham King and Shirley Payne. Not a good first half 4-8 down on 9 ends. Scoring on the next 5 ends they were 11-8 up, with the opposition scoring 2 shots on the next end the score was close at 11-10. They scored 2 shots on the next end making it 13-10.  Unfortunately not scoring on the last ends losing 13-15.

A great recovery for the rink of David Bluff with Alan Farrand, John Carr and Ros Dingle. At 10 ends they were 4-15 down. Over the next 5 ends they scored 11 shots to 1 and the score 15-16. At 18 ends the final score was 16-19 losing by just 3 shots. Well done everybody it was a very good day.

Unfortunate La Siesta do not have a Berleen Team, therefore, an in house freindly pairs game was played with Floyd and Debbie Williams v Cori King and Peter Morgan. Their final score was 14-15.

Final results El Cid 86 La Siesta 67. Points: 8pts El Cid  4pts La Siesta.

Written by Pat Metcalfe


14th March 2016 Bonalba v El Cid Swords

A disappointing day for El Cid Swords away to Bonalba BC.
Unfortunately, with an eight points to two defeat, it meant that we swopped places with Bonalba and are now bottom of the league with one match remaining. 
Our winning team was Tony Carroll, Alan Ferrand and Ann Eslick 14 - 11. 
The Team with Alan Jackson, Bernie Isaacs, & Jack Coburn, lost 17 - 19 despite winning by 1 shot on each of the last 3 ends.
Heavy defeats for our other two teams with Derek Fielding,Paul & Pamela Whitmee losing 6 - 32. 
Clive Scott, Halina Leeder, & Pete Whitbread losing 8 - 37. 
An overall shots victory for Bonalba 99 - 45.
Our challenger team, Jill Glastonbury, Gerry Isaacs, & John Olliffe, were leading after ten ends but then lost 6 in a row finally finishing 11 - 21 down. 
A win would have guaranteed second place in the challengers league, however, all is not lost and a win in our last game next week will still give us a second place finish. 
Report written by Tony Carroll Northern League Captain


Today we played host to Emerald Isle BC. A better day for El Cid after our dip in winning ways over the past couple of weeks.

With 3 out of 5 winning rinks we managed to win the overall shots to add to our final result.

Clive Scott's rink with Adrian Lambert, Paul Trunchion and Geraldine Scutt were our top winning rink.

Winning 14 from 18 ends their final score 25-8

Derek Eldon's rink with Yvonne Briden, Hazel Brown and Lynn Eldon, had a close game and were 12 all at 11 ends. Picking up 3 shots on the 12th end 15-12, they kept plugging away and ended with a final score 22-16.

David Bluff's rink with Alan Farrand, John Carr and Ros Dingle were very close all the way through the game. With each side winning 9 ends each with the Team picking up 4 shots on the last 2 ends to finish 15-14.

Derek Randall's rink with Ian Brown, Stewart Beattie and Anita Randall were unfortunate over the last 4 ends of their game. At 12 ends they were 13 all. They picked up 4 shots on the next 2 ends giving them a lead of 17-13 not scoring again and lost 17-21.

Pat Metcalfe's rink with Tony Metcalfe, Graham King and Shirley Payne had a very close game over the first 9 ends 8 all. Unfortunately they didn't score for the next 6 ends and were 8-20 down. On the 15th end they scored 6 shots puting them back in the game 14-20 but, could not score enough over the next 3 ends finishing 15-23.

Our Berleen Team fought hard and won 10 of their 18 ends but not managing to pick up any large scores, lost 13-17.

Our final results, El Cid 92 shots  Emerald Isle 82shots.. 8pts - 4pts.

Written by Pat Metcalfe

Away successes for El Cid at Calpe BC & BBC
On Sunday 6th March a number of members traveled to Calpe to take part in the annual and popular Calpe Open Mixed Triples . With 16 teams taking part the format saw each team playing four 
50 minute sessions. 3 points for a win , 1 point for a draw and that vital 1 point extra for each end won. 
Champions this year 2016, are our own Lynn and Derek Eldon playing with Javea's Nick Cole. 
After losing their first game to a strong home club team they then had big wins in their 3 remaining matches. Congratulations ! 
Finishing in joint 3rd place were the all El Cid team of Derek and Anita Randall playing with Adrian Lambert. 
The Winter Fours Competition at BBC also came to an end recently. After 13 matches played on Saturday afternoons, the "Shamrocks" team finished in 3rd place. 
The team included Jean McLaughlin, Paul Trunchion, David Bluff and Clive Scott from El Cid along with 5 members of BBC. 
Better luck for the team this year as last year the team went in to the last game in 2nd place and ended up in 6th after losing their last game and with all other last game results going against them!
Well done El Cid..
Report written by Paul Trunchion


All rounds of the Club Championships, including the Semi Finals, are now all complete.

Derek Randall has published the Finals Week programme and Order of Play, which you will find under the heading Club Championships.

The only day that there are no games is on Wednesday due to a Winter League fixture.

The final Competition for the overall Club Championships Singles Player will take place on Saturday 19th March at 12.15pm. Between the Mens Club Singles Champion and the Ladies Club Singles Champion.

It is hope that as many of you as possible will come and support your fellow Members.

To finish of our most prestigious week of the year, our Presentation Evening Dinner and Dance will take place on Saturday 19th March at El Cid.

All details of the above are on the notice boards at the Club..


Well one could say this is a case of Dejavu from last week at Javea.

This week we travelled down to Quesada BC.

Same points with a similar ending of 1 Rink with the same Team ending in a draw on a measure on the last end.

Derek Eldon's Rink with Lynne Eldon, Hazel Brown and Geraldine Scutt, were ahead most of the way through this match. At 9 ends 14-8 up. Still ahead on the 15th at 19-15. Over the next 2 ends they dropped 5 shots leaving them 1 down on the board 19-20. The result of a measure for shot on the last end of the game gave them a draw of 20-20.

After 9 ends across the 5 rinks the overall score was very close, with El Cid 38 & Quesada 44 just 6 shots adrift with 2 rinks being on 7-7. 

Quesada turned up the heat in second half of the game and despite David Bluff's Rink be ahead up to the 13th end when they dropped a 4 with a score of 14-14, they couldn't hold on and lost by 2 shots.

Derek Randall's rink had a fightback from 4-12 down at 10 ends. Scoring 8 shots over the next 4 ends giving them a 12-12. Unfortunately they didn't score again and lost 12-18.

The Berleen Team also went down losing 12-26

The final overall result was El Cid 66 Quesada 104.. Points, El Cid 1  Quesada 11.

We just can't seem to find a strong finish at the moment. 

Written by Pat Metcalfe


29th February 2016 Home El Cid Swords 5pts Javea Onyx 5pts

It was good to end our run of three defeats, even if it was only a draw with 5 points each. 

Wins for our teams of Clive Scott, Halina Leeder & Pete Whitbread 24 - 11.

Alan Jackson, Bernie Isaacs & Jack Coburn 21 - 16. 

Defeats for Tony Carroll, Stewart Beattie & Jacquie Carroll  13 - 26.

Jim Sissons, Jim Thomas & John Olliffe 17 - 22. 

The overall shots being tied at 75 each.
Good news of the day was an excellent win for our c

Challengers team of Jill Glastonbury, Gerry Isaacs & Alan Ferrand  23 - 9 against the league leaders. We are now just 1 point behind them although they do have a game in hand.

Written by Tont Carroll Northern League Captain.

Northern League 

25th February away to B.B.C. Tigers 8 pts. El Cid Swords 2 pts.

Not a good week for El Cid Leagues.
Our third 8-2 defeat in a row, although this was much closer than the score suggests. 

Our three losing teams of Clive Scott, Halina Leeder & Pete Whitbread.

Alan Jackson, Gerry Isaacs & Ann Eslick. 

Paul Whitmee, Jill Glastonbury & Pamela Whitmee,  all lost by just 2 shots. 

Our one winning team was Tony Carroll, Bernie Isaacs, & Jack Coburn with a score of 22 - 18.

Unfortunately this was not enough to stop us losing the overall shots, again by just 2, with the final result  El Cid 76 - BBC Tigers 78.
There was also a win for our Challenger team of Derek Fielding, Jim Thomas & John Olliffe 19-13, which keeps alive our chances of finishing in the top 2 places of the Challenger league.

Report written by Tony Carroll, Northern League Captain

WINTER lEAGUE 24th February 2016

Today we played away at Javea Green.  Unforunately, another bad day at the office. 

There is not a lot to say other than, at 9 ends, 3 rinks were all within 1 shot of each other and the shot difference across the 5 rinks was 17 shots. 

After 18 ends only 1 rink  almost won their game, but the opposition bowl in a measure fell in for shot and the result was a draw giving us our only point for the day.

The Berleen Team also had a bad day losing 6-22

The final overall results were El Cid 51  Javea 122.  El Cid 1pt  Javea 11pts.

Written by Pat Metcalfe


Monday 9th Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th of MAY 2016

The flyer for this very popular Open Competition is now on the website under "OPEN COMPETITIONS". It is also on the notice board at El Cid.

All entries to Derek Randall please..
Posted by Derek Randall Competition Secretary..


Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th of April.

The Flyer for the above Competition, with all the details, has been posted on the CLUB NOTICE BOARD and on the website in the Club Competitions section.

The entry sheet is also on the Club Notice Board.

Posted by Derek Randall Competition Secretary..

WINTER LEAGUE 17th February 2016

Today we played hosts to Vistabella BC. The strong winds that we had been experiencing for the past few days, finally calmed down and we got down to business. All the games were closely fought only losing on 1 Rink by 2 shots.

Derek Randall's rink with Paul Leeder, Stewart Beattie & Shirly Payne had a bit of a slow start and were 5-11 down at 9 ends. Winning 6 of the last 9 ends and picking up 3 on the last, still didn't quite make it and finished the game 13-15. Well fought but not to be.

Adrian Lambert's rink with Debbie Connolly, Paul Trunchion and Jack Coburn, at 9 ends were 7-5 up. A very close fought game. On the 16th end they were 12-7 up and then dropped 4 on the 17th. Gained 1 on the last winning 13-11.

David Bluff's rink with Clive Scott, Alan Ferrand and Jean McLaughlin were neck & neck all the way through their 18 ends. On the 9th end they were 7-9 down. They picked up a 3&2&1 on the next 3 ends giving them 13-9 lead only to drop a 4 on the next end making 13 all. They went into the last end 15 all and gained an important 1 shot on the last end for a win 16-15. Very hard fought game, well done.

Pat Metcalfe's rink with Tony Metcalfe, Ian Brown & Anita Randall started with a 3 on the first end followed by their opposition's 3 on the next. On the 9th end they were 9-7 up. On the 12th they were 12 all. Over the last 6 ends Vistabella only scored 1 more shot. Final score 19-11.

Yvonne Briden's rink with Paul Whitmee, Hazel Brown and Geraldine Scutt had a good start and apart from 4 all on the 3rd end, were never behind. On the 9th end they were 10-6 and then they pulled away with a final score of 21-12.

Our Berleen Team had their 2nd win of the season with John Carr, Graham King, Peter Morgan & Cori King. Their opposition didn't get going and at 9 ends they were 15-4 up. They continued to pile the pressure on and won 22-10. Well done. 

I would just like to say, we have played all novice bowlers in the Berleen Team and they have all gained invaluable experience playing at the different greens up and down the Costa Blanca. They have all given 100% effort in every game and some have played in the scoring side when needed. Well done to all our Novice Bowlers.   

Our overall result for the day is El Cid 82 shots Vistabella 64 shots.  El Cid 10pts Vistabella 2pts 

Berleen: El Cid 2pts Vistabella 0

Written by Pat Metcalfe

Northern League
15th February Away to BBC Jaguars. 8-2

A bad day at the office for the Swords team playing at Benitachell BC.  
Unfortunately our only winning team this week was Alan Jackson, Gerry Isaacs & Alan Ferrand with a score of 19 - 15. 
The other three scoring teams all made slow starts, and never recovered with the exception of 
Clive Scott, Jill Glastonbury & Pete Whitbread. They came back well to lead 14 - 11 but unfortunately dropped 14 shots over the last three ends to lose 25 - 14. 
The teams of Paul Witmee, Bernie Isaacs, & Pamela Whitmee, Jim Sissons, Tony Carroll, & Jack Coburn both lost 23 - 11.
Better performances from our Challenger team of Derek Fielding, Fred Rensen, & Jim Thomas winning 17 - 12 and the friendly team of Ann Eslick, Jacquie Carroll, & Pat Arnett unfortunately dropping 4 on the last end to lose 15 - 12  to a strong B.B.C. team.
Written by Tony Carroll, Northern League Captain.

WINTER LEAGUE 10th February 2016

A bad day at the office for El Cid v Benitachell BC at BBC. We lost on 4 rinks and drew on 1. 

Our drawn rink was Derek Eldon, Clive Scott, Hazel Brown and Lynne Eldon. At 9 ends they were 10-7 up. At 12 ends 11 all. Again all square at 15 ends 13 all. Very close all the way.  on the next 2 ends they dropped a 1 and 2 making them 13-16 down. They then scored 3 on the last for a 16 all finish. Well done.

Derek Randall's rink with Paul Leeder, Stewart Beattie and Shirley Payne were very close drawing 7 all on the 11th end. It remained close at 9-10 on the 15th but BBC then scored a 4 which gave them a cushion to the end and the final score was 9-16.

Pat Metcalfe's Rink finished 7 shots down 11-18. Adrian Lambert's rink lost by 10 finishing 12-22.

David Bluff's rink lost by 15 to finish 9-24. Our Berleen Team of all Novice Members started very well. They were 6-5 up at 5 ends but unfortunately couldn't maintain any lead after that and finished losing 12-21.. More valuable experience gained playing on other greens against very experienced Bowlers.

Unfortunately we had some absentees from our scoring Team today and a couple of the rinks had to be moved around. I am not saying that we would have won had everyone been available, but, it does make a big difference when you have to start manouevering people around. Thanks to Clive Scott and Alan Ferrand for helping out.

Lets hope we can pull this back next week when we play Vistabella at El Cid..

Final overall results, El Cid 57 shots to BBC 96. Points: El Cid 1  BBC 11

Written by Pat Metcalfe

8/2/16 El Cid Swords 2 Calpe 8.

Another poor home result against a team we beat by the same score when we played them away!
The only winners were the team of Tony Carroll, Gerry Isaacs & Jack Coburn 21 - 11.
There were defeats for the teams of Alan Jackson, Alan Ferrand  & Jim Thomas 16 -18.
Paul Whitmee, Bernie Isaacs & Pamela Whitmee 13 - 20.
Clive Scott, Halina Leeder & Pete Whitbread 7 - 19. 
Our friendly team of Bill Kapoor, Ann Eslick, & Jacquie Carroll also lost 13 - 22 to complete a very disappointing day.
Written by Tony Carroll, Northern League Captain


Competition Secretary Derek Randall, has updated all the Club Championships draw sheets on the website and the notice board.

All the Competitions are now at the Semi Final stage apart from 1 or 2 Quarter Finals still to be played. We also have 1 Team in the Finals already.. 

The Mixed Triples Semi final will be played on 19th February at 10.00am. 

Ros Dingle, Debbie Connolly and Ron Dingle have already reached the Final in the Mixed Triples.

The Mixed Fours Semi finals will be played on 26th February at 10.00am.

Please come and support your Fellow Members in the later stages of the Competitions.

Finals dates will be published at a later stage.

Written by Pat Metcalfe

WINTER LEAGUE 3rd February 2016

Today we played host to San Luis Belugas. A better day for El Cid after our defeat at San Luis last week. We won on 4 rinks and gained the overall shots.

Adrian Lambert's rink with Debbie Connolly, Paul Trunchion and Jean McLaughlin had a decent start and at 9 ends were 15-3 up. The trend continued and the final score was 24-12

Derek Randall's rink with Paul Leeder, Stewart Beattie and Shirley Payne had a close start being 5 all after 4 ends. They then picked up 4 on the 5th and at 9 ends were 12-7 up. At 14 ends they were 25-7 and the final score was 27-12

Jack Wardrop's rink with David Bluff, Pat Wardrop and Ros Dingle had a very close start and at 9 ends were 10-12 down. Unfortunately they didn't manage to get their noses in front and finished 

14-19 down.

Pat Metcalfe's rink with Tony Metcalfe, Ian Brown and Anita Ranndall were 10 all at 9 ends. They picked up 5 on the 10th end and were never behind again. Final score 18-17

Derek Eldon's rink with Yvonne Briden, Hazel Brown & Lynne Eldon were 4 all after 4 ends. They piced up 4 on the 5th and at 9 ends were 13-6 up. On the 13th there was only 1 shot in it 14-13 and then they picked up 6 shots on the 14th. Final score 22-17.

The overall shots were 105 El Cid 77 San Luis Belugas. The points were a reverse of our defeat at San Luis the previous week, El Cid 10 San Luis 2. Well done El Cid..

Written by Pat Metcalfe

Javea Opal v El Cid Swords 1st February 2016

Our third visit to Javea this season and we came away with our third win. There is obviously something over there suits us!
Comfortable wins for the teams of Clive Scott, Halina Leeder, & Pete Whitbread 18 - 10.

Also Alan Jackson, Tony Carroll & Derek Fielding 16 - 8. 

Unfortunately a costly heavy defeat for Alan Ferrand, Fred Rensen, & Jim Thomas 27 - 9 which left us 2 shots down overall with the last game of Paul Whitmee, Bernie Isaacs & Pamela whitmee still in progress and looking good. Unfortunately they dropped 4 shots on the 17th end to level the score at 13 - 13. All eyes were on the last end and Javea were holding shot with just Paul's last wood to come. A firing shot into a very tight head was successful and gave us a 14 - 13 win and 2 more points, but unfortunately left us one down in the overall shots. 

A final victory of 6pts El Cid to 4pts Javea. 
Unfortunately our challengers winning start to the year came to an end when Jill Glastobury, Ann Eslick & Jacquie Carroll never recovered from a poor start, losing by 25 - 10.

Report written by Tony Carroll Northern League Captain.

WINTER LEAGUE 27th January 2016

Not a good day at the office. We travelled down South to play against top of the League Club San Luis Orcas. We only had 1 winning rink and 4 losses. The weather decided to take a turn for the worst.

After the first few ends the rain started to drizzle and gradually got heavier. Everyone scurrying to get their waterproofs on.  Both Captains discussing whether to call the game at 12 ends or carry on.

We carried on and the rain gradually eased and finally stopped just as the game was finishing.

The winning rink was Derek Randall with Stewart Beattie, Paul Leeder and Shirley Payne. A very close first 9 ends with the score 8 all. They lost 6 shots to 1 over the next 4 ends and were 9-14 down. Over the last 5 ends they picked up 11 shots to 1 with a final score 20-15 well done.

The Team of Jack Wardrop, David Bluff, Pat Wardrop and Ros Dingle, started well and were 9-7 up at 9 ends. At 14 ends 13-14 down. Unfortunately they lost 6 shots over the last 4 ends and finished 

13-20 down. 

Pat Metcalfe's Team with Tony Metcalfe, Ian Brown and Anita Randall had a hard fought game never gaining a lead and losing by 4 shots 16-20.

Unfortunately Derek Eldon's Team with Debbie Connolly, Hazel Brown and Lynne Eldon, didn't have a good start and struggled all the way through losing 7-27.

Adrian Lambert's Team of Paul Trunchion, Ron Dingle and Jean McLaughlin, also didn't have a good start and lost 9-31

The Berleen Team skipped by Derek Pursey were up against it losing 10-25

Our overall shot were El Cid 65 San Luis Orcas 113  2pts to 10pts.

Our next game is at home against the San Luis second Team the Belugas. Let hope we can do better then.

Written by Pat Metcalfe


El Cid Swords v Javea Quartz 25th January 2016

Yesterday El Cid Swords were at home against Javea Quartz. The Swords had an excellent result winning 8 - 2 and rounded off the game with another win for our Challengers team.
Strangely, as last week, this was an exact repeat of the score when we won away at Javea in October at the start of the Season.

Three big wins today for teams of Paul Whitmee, Bernie Isaacs & Pamela Whitmee 30 - 13 

Alan Jackson, Tony Carroll & Jack Coburn 25 - 11

Clive Scott, Halina Leeder & Pete Whitbread 25 - 12 

Giving us an overall shots win 92 - 51 with 8pts to 2pts
The only defeat came from Alan Ferrand, Gerry Isaacs & Jim Thomas, level 11 all after 15 ends they dropped a 3 on 16, finally losing 12 - 15.
Another good win for Challenger team of Jill Glastonbury, Ann Eslick & Jacquie Carroll, had a strong finish of 4 shots on 17 and 1 more on 18 turning 15 - 17 down into a hard fought 20 - 17 victory.

Well done the Swords.

Written by Tony Carroll Northern League Captain

WINTER LEAGUE 20th January 2016

Today El Cid played host to La Marina Bowls Club. The weather was glorious and a godd win for El Cid made a perfect day.

Winning on 4 out of 5 Rinks plus the overall score. Unfortunately the losing rink was the Team of Adrain Lambert, Paul Trunchion, Floyd Williams and Jean McLaughlin. They were 12-7 down at 8 ends. Pulled a few back to 15 all on the 13th and 17 all on 16th. They dropped 6 shots over the last ends losing 17-23.

The rink of Pat Metcalfe, (standing in for League Captain Derek Randall,) with Tony Metcalfe, Ian Brown and Anita Randall got off to a good start and were 8-4 on 9th end. They dropped 4 over next 2 ends and were 8 all. Over the next 7 ends they picked up 9 shots but the opposition only made 2, leaving a win 17-10

The rink off Derek Eldon with Yvonne Briden, Hazel Brown and Lynne Eldon, got of to a good start, never behind all through the game. 14-6 at 9 ends with a final score of 19-15.

The rink of Debbie Connolly, Stewart Beattie, Paul Leeder and Shirley Payne, were just 1 shot down at 9 ends 6-7. They were 11-7 up at 12ends. It was very close over the last 6 ends, never down again and winning by 1 shot 14-13.

The rink of Jack Wardrop, Paul Whitmee, Pat Wardrop and Ros Dingle, had a great start picking up a 6 on the second end. They were 17-6 on 9 ends and never behind. Over the last 9 ends they picked up 15 shots with the opposition only making 7. Final score was 32-13.

Unfortunately La Marina do not have a Berleen Team, but it was a chance for some of our newer Winter League Members to play against one another. With Skips John Carr and Derek Pursey the game finished with 1 shot in it giving a win to Derek Pursey's Team 18-19

The final scores were El Cid 99... La Marina 74  10pts - 2pts for El Cid 

Written by Pat Metcalfe

Finca Guila v El Cid Swords Monday 18th January 2016

Not a happy start to the second half of the season as we went down 8 - 2 with an unfortunate repeat of the opening match at the start of the season when they beat us by the same score our home green. Our winners today were the team of Clive Scott, Halina Leeder & Pete Whitbread, they picked up 2 shots on the final end for a 16 - 15 win. 
Another good win for our challenger team of Jill Glastonbury, Fred Rensen & Ann Eslick. They won by 5 shots, 18 - 13.
A narrow defeat for Paul & Pamela Whitmee with Bernie Isaacs, losing 13 - 15. 
Unfortunately not so close for our remaining teams, Alan Ferrand, Gerry Isaacs & John Olliffe losing by 6 shots and Alan Jackson, Tony Carroll & Jack Coburn losing by 10 shots.
Here's hoping for a change of fortune next week when we are home to Javea Quartz.
Report written by Tony Carroll Northern League Captain

WINTER LEAGUE 13th January

We travelled to Greenlands Bowls Club today for our last game of the first half of the Season. 13 games played with 13 to go.

We had 2 winning rinks and a draw with 2 losses. There was no Berleen rink, but Greenlands managed to find a Team for a Friendly..

The Rink of Derek Randall with Pat Metcalfe, Ian Brown & Anita Randall were 4 - 8 down at 6 ends by 10 ends were 13-8 up. Lost 8 shots over the next 5 ends 14-16. On 16th picked up a very welcome 5, lost 1 on the 17th and picked up 4 on the last end to win the game 23-17.

Jack Wardrop's rink with David Bluff, Pat Wardrop & Ros Dingle led all the way for 14 ends and were 12-10 up. They dropped 5 shots over the next 3 ends 12-15 down. On the last end they were holding 1 shot but had 2 bowls sitting on the edge of the green. The only option was to take the Jack in the ditch to draw the game. David Bluff missed the target with both bowls but, "Jumping Jack Flash Wardrop"  drew 1 and trailed the jack for 4 to win the game by 1 shot. 16-15. A very exciting finish to the game. 

Derek Eldon's rink with Hazel Brown, Shirley Payne & Lynne Eldon, had a "Houdini" moment in the second half of their game. 6-15 down at 9 ends. They picked up 8 shots over the next 8 ends and Greenlands lost 4. Going into the last end they were 14-19 down and picked up 5 shots for a 

draw 19-19.

Adrian Lambert's rink with Paul Trunchion, Floyd Williams & Jean McLaughlin were 6-5 up at 9 ends. They gained 5 shots but lost 14 over the next 9 ends losing 11-19.

The rink of Debbie Connolly, Stewart Beattie, Paul Leeder & Geraldine Scutt, were 3-1 up after 3 ends but were 4-10 down after 9 ends. They picked up another 4 shots over the next 9 but unfortunately lost 8-19..

Our overall shots were 77 El Cid and 89 Greenlands with points 5 - 7

At this halfway stage we are lying 8th in the Winter League Table and with 13 games to go have the possibility of climbing higher. We just need to knuckle down and focus on the job in hand.

C'mon El Cid...

Written by Pat Metcalfe


Our first game of the New Year was a bit of a disaster away to Monte Mar, with only 1 winning Rink. The weather conditions with very strong cold winds didn't help much either. However, the highlight of the day was our Berleen Team getting their 1st win of the Season. 

Derek Pursey, Tony Metcalfe, John Carr and Debbie Williams, had a good start and were 12-7 up on 10th end they dropped 2 & 4 next 2 ends and were 12-13 down. They were 15 all on the 15th end and picked up 4 on 16th. 19-15. They dropped 3 shots on last 2 ends and won by 1 shot 19-18. Congratulations.. 2pts.

Unfortunately the fortunes of 4 out of 5 of our scoring Rinks were not so good.

Our only winning Rink was David Bluff, Ian Brown & Ros & Ron Dingle. A tight game to the end. On the 11th end They were 9 all. They picked up 7shots over the next 4 ends but lost 5 shots over the last 3 to win 16-14. Well done.

The Team of Derek Randall, Pat Metcalfe, Peter Morgan & Anita Randall had a tight game and were  12 all at 15ends. They picked up 4 shots on 16th, but lost 9 shots last 2 ends losing 16-21.

Adrian Lambert's Team of Paul Trunchion, Floyd Williams & Jean McLaughlin also had a tight game. 

Just 2 shots down on 10th end and then lost a 5 and a 3 over the next 3 ends 10-19. They scored every end till the last but only got 7 shots losing by 2. 17-19

Debbie Connolly's Team with Stewart Beattie, Paul Leeder & Geraldine Scutt, unfortunately didn't have a very good start. 4-14 down on the 10th end and lost 10-20.

Derek Eldon's Team with Hazel Brown, Shirley Payne & Lynne Eldon had a similar game. 4-13 down on the 12th end and lost 8- 15.

Hard luck El Cid the only way is up.. Apparently there was a yellow weather alert for strong winds in the area. No excuse and Monte Mar bowled well. Scores on the doors..overall shots 67 - 89,  

2pts - 10pts

Written by Pat Metcalfe


Would you like to know who is in and who is out of the Club Championships. Make your way to the Club Championships page where you will find all disciplines updated to the present day.

Also, don't forget to get your next games organised asap as the next play by dates are January 10th and January 15th.

WINTER LEAGUE 16th December

This was our last game against San Miguel of 2015, which was almost a clean sheet but for 1 shot on 1 Rink.
Adrian Lambert's rink Paul Trunchion, John Carr & Jean McLaughlin, got off to a very good start winning 7 out of the first 9 ends to lead 8 shots to 3. Although dropping 5 shots on two of the last 9 ends, they pulled away scoring 9 shots over the last 9 ends to win  17-8.
Jack Wardrop's Rink with David Bluff, Pat Wardrop & Ros Dingle, led 10-3 after the first 9 ends and went on to hold the lead 13-11 on the 17th end. Sadly dropped a three on the last end to lose 13-14.
Debbie Connolly's rink with Stewart Beattie, Paul Leeder & Ann Kerr, managed to win 6 out of the first 9 ends with a 6 on the 8th end to lead 13-4 at the half way stage. Although dropping two 4's on the last 9 ends they went on to win 20-14.
Derek Randall's rink with Pat Metcalfe, Rocket Ron Dingle & Anita Randall, got off to a very GOOD start scoring 12 shots on the first 6 ends leading 12-5 after 9 ends. Although San Miguel scored 12 shots over the final 9 ends, we still  managed to lead 18-17 on the 17th end. On the last end Rocket Ron, nicknamed by San Miguel for his up and at em lucky results, managed to run the jack into the ditch with the  toucher 3ft from the Jack. Pat Metcalfe's last wood  pushed Rons toucher nearer to the Jack, 2ft from the Ditch, to virtually seal the game to win 19-17.
Yvonne Briden's Rink with Paul Whitmee, Graham King & Pam Whitmee, although close for the first 9 ends leading  by only 2 shots 9-7, they went on to win 7 of the last 9 ends to win overall by 16 shots to 10. Our final results were 10 - 2 to El Cid. Overall shots 85 - 63.
The Berleen Rink with Derek Pursey, Tony Metcalfe, Geraldine Scutt & Cori King, sadly only picking up 4 shots from the first 9 ends trailing 4-18, fort bravely over the last 9 ends scoring 9 shots but sadly losing 13-25.
Well done to everyone.
Written by Derek Randall & Pat Metcalfe


WINTER LEAGUE 9th December

Our penultimate game of 2015 was against Bonalba BC at El Cid.

We managed to get the game completed with some very nasty clouds looming and some rain half way through. Luckily enough it wasn't heavy enough to stop the game and were victorious.

The Team of Derek Randall with Pat Metcalfe, Ian Brown & Anita Randall, won 11 ends out of the 18...leading comfortably 12-5 after 9 ends... They pulled away to 16-7 after 13 ends then dropped a 3 & 5 on the next two ends, but they scored another 6 shots from the last win 22-15.
Del Eldon's Rink with Yvonne Briden, Hazel Brown & Lynn Eldon, struggled over the first 10 ends 4 shots to 10 down. With a great comeback over the next 4 ends, they scored 15 shots [picking up 7 shots on the 13th end] They then went on to win 20-14.
Jack Wardrop's Rink with David Bluff, Pat Wardrop & Peter Morgan, picked up 3 shots over the first 3 ends then dropped  8 shots over the next 3 ends. Trailing after 9 ends 6-9.
Although scoring 7 shots over the last 9 ends, they unfortunately still went down 13-16.
Adrian Lambert's Rink with Paul Trunchion, John Carr & Geraldine Scutt, had a very strong start pulling away 19  shots to 2 after 9 ends. They still continued to score heavily with another 10shots from the last 9 ends to win 29-8. [Scoring on 13 ends of the 18]
Debbie Connolly's Rink with Stewart Beattie, Paul Leeder & Ann Kerr, were even after 9 ends 8 shots all. Sadly they only scored 5 shots over the last 9 ends going down 13-18.
Well done everyone.
Friendly Rink. [We would like to thank Bonalba for putting out a friendly rink]
A very enjoyable game had by all. Scores were even after 9 ends but we went on to win 7 ends out of the last 9 to come out on top 17-10.. Well done to all.   [ just need to transfer that win to the Berleen Game next week!!]
Due to an error with bookings at El Cid, we ventured down to Fritelli's Bar Restaurant at Ondarra. A brilliant 3 course meal with wine & coffee included. Big thanks go to Yvonne Briden for organising everything with the restaurant.
Report written by Derek Randall & Pat Metcalfe

Northern League 7th December 

Home to BBC Lions.

Our home record continues to disappoint with another defeat against the BBC Lions, 2 - 8. 

Even the much appreciated two late replacements from our Winter League Team, failing to prevent a fifth defeat from six matches.
Todays only win was from Jim Sissens Team with Tony Carroll and Jack Coburn 21 - 13, a special mention deserved for a superb skips performance from Jim. 

There were defeats for the teams of Derek Eldon, Gerry Isaacs and Alan Ferrand (12 - 17)

Pamela Whitmee, Bernie Isaacs and Paul Whitmee (13 - 24)

Clive Scott, Halina Leeder, and Lynne Eldon (13 - 25) The Lions won the overall shots 79 - 59 Lions Challenger team also won against Jill Glastonbury, Ed Botten and Ann Eslick ( 23 - 19).

We are now at the half way point of the season and no prizes for guessing the New Year Resolutions required. We only have three home games to come with six away. Lets hope we can keep our away successes going, where we are so far unbeaten!!

Report written by Tony Carroll

WINTER LEAGUE 2nd December

Our last away game of 2015 was at La Siesta BC. What a day it turned out to be. At 9 ends we had our noses in front with the possibility of a 10-2 win. Unfortunately La Siesta pegged back and we only had 2 winning rinks but with two good wins from Derek Eldon, Yvonne Briden, Hazel Brown & Lynn Eldon 19-12 and Debbie Connolly, Stewart Beattie, Paul Leeder and Shirley Payne 24-12, we had the overall score to give us 6pts with La Siesta also on 6pts. Jack Wardrop's Team with David Bluff, Pat Wardrop and Ros Dingle, lost on the last end by 1 shot after being ahead most of the game 19-20. Adrian Lambert's Team with Paul Trunchion, Barbara Bluff and Jean McLaughlin, lost by 4 shots after being ahead for large part of their game 16-20. The Team of Derek Randall, Pat Metcalfe, Ian Brown and Anita Randall were down 6-2 after 4 ends and then picked up a 5 to go ahead by 1 shot. It was neck and neck for a few ends and then La Siesta gradually edged away and finished12-19.

Out total shots 90-83 with 6-6pts. We would like to thank La Siesta for allowing us to have a home friendly against ourselves as they do not have Berleen Team. 

Our lunch was served at a restaurant called Carmen's. What a fantastic time we had there. 

A 3 course carvery + other options on the menu all for €10. Suddenly the place erupted into a Christmas atmosphere with Carol Singers all in Christmas outfits, carrolling for Local Childrens Charity. A great time was had by all.

Thank you La Siesta..

Report written by Pat Metcalfe

Northern League 30.11.15 

El Cid Swords 4 Bonalba 6. 

Another home defeat for the Swords but it could hardly have been closer!
Wins for the teams of Pamela Whitmee, Bernie Isaacs & Paul Whitmee (22-15) and Derek Randall, Tony Carroll & Jack Coburn (20-12). Unfortunately we had defeats for the team of Clive Scott, 
Halina Leeder, & Pete Whitbread (15-19) and Alan Ferrand, Gerry Isaacs, & John Olliffe (10-23). 
The two points for total shots was decided with the last 2 shots on the last end from the away skip in the Derek Randall match, first driving into the head, clearing swords 2 holding woods with the jack going to them for 1 and drawing his last wood in for 2 - giving a shots win 69 - 67 to Bonalba.
To round off a dissapointing day there were defeats for a strong looking Challengers team of Jill Glastonbury, Stuart Branch, & Derek Fielding (7-27) and the Friendly team of Ed Botten, Ann & Jeff Eslick (14-20).
Finally many thanks to Derek Randall for a last minute stand in guest appearance.
Report written by Tony Carroll

Northern League 26th November

Javea Onyx 4pts. -  El Cid Swords 6pts.

Another good away performance, winning for the third successive away match and maintaining our unbeaten away run. Well done Team.

Wins for the teams of Clive Scott, Halina Leeder and Derek Fielding 22-12, and Paul Whitmee, Bernie Isaacs and Pamela Whitmee 24-16. Unfortunately there were defeats for the teams of Alan Ferrand, John Olliffe and Jim Thomas 14-19, and Stuart Branch, Tony Carroll ,and Gerry Isaacs 14-24.  

Alans' team were last to finish and a check of the total scores showed us ahead and Alan was eventually convinced by the watching team members not to bowl his final wood and we got the extra 2 points for a team shots win  74-71.
Unfortunately we also had defeats for the challengers team of Jill Glastonbury, Ann Eslick, and Fred Rensen losing 17-26. Only their second loss this season, well done. The friendly team of Ed Botten, Pat Arnett, and Jeff Eslick also lost 15-24.
Next match is at Home v Bonalba on Monday 30th November.
Report written by Tony Carroll.

WINTER LEAGUE 25th November

Today we travelled South to Emerald Isle BC. For the first this Season we had 29 of our 30 man Squad which included a Friendly Rink and a Reserve.
A great win for El Cid winning on 4 Rinks and gaining the overall score.
Jack Wardrop's Rink with Ros Dingle, Pat Wardrop & David Bluff, led 13-5 after 9 ends , with some good scores from the opposing team in the last 9 ends we still managed to score on 6 of the last ends to win 22-13
Adrian Lambert's Rink with Jean McLaughlin, Barbara Bluff & Paul Trunchion, were down 7-12 after 9 ends but won 7 of the last 9 ends to get across the line by 1 shot winning 18-17.
Derek Randall's Rink with Anita Randall, Ian Brown & Pat Metcalfe, were cruising after the first 9 ends leading 18-4 but lost on the next 6 ends dropping 11 shots to only lead by 18-15. However they finished strongly on the last 3 ends picking up a total of 8 shots over those last ends to win 26-15.
Derek Eldon's Rink with Lynn Eldon, Hazel Brown & Yvonne Briden, after 9 ends, were all level at 6-6, but steadily pulled away. Although dropping a 6 on the 14th end they still managed to pick up 10 shots on the last 4 ends to win 21-13.
Unfortunately Debbie Connolly's Rink with Shirley Payne, Stuart Beattie & Paul Leeder, although starting off by being 3-9 down after 6 ends they tried to pull back but only managed to gain another 5 shots over last 12 ends  losing  8-20.
Our Berleen Team are still searching for a win, but sadly lost today 6 shots to 25. 
We also managed to take a Friendly team giving our up and coming newer bowlers, John Carr, Graham King, Peter Morgan & Debbie Williams, a chance to gain experience playing on Away greens.Sadly they lost 11 shots to 26.
Considering the cold, windy & blustery weather El Cid gained a very much needed win with 95 - 78 shots & 10 - 2pts.
Well done El Cid.
Report written by Derek Randall - Winter League Capt & Pat Metcalfe

WINTER LEAGUE 18th November

Today we hosted our match against Quesada Bowls Club. Unfortunately we lost on every Rink.

I know it always sounds like excuses, but, most of us had a nearly game narrowly missing targets by fractions or the jack would go in the wrong direction etc.. etc.. 

Quesada were a very formidable opponent on the day. One or two rinks were pulling back in the second half but Quesada were relentless in their efforts with everything going their way. A good win for Quesada beating El Cid 12 - 0. Shots 99 - 61.

Lets hope we do better next week Away to Emerald Isle..

Written by Pat Metcalfe

Today the Bowls World lost a very dear Lady, Sheri Fletcher. Well known on the International Scene as well as the whole Spanish Bowls Community on the Costa Blanca, Almeria and Costa Del Sol.

Our condolences and thoughts are with Sheri's husband Jim & Sons Colin & Richard..

The letter below was written by Javea Green Bowls Secretary.

To all Javea Green Bowls Club Members, and all Bowlers on the Costa Blanca and beyond,

I am very sorry to be the bearer of very sad news that our Sheri passed away this morning. She had been struggling with several health issues over recent weeks.

Sheri was a quiet well respected skip throughout the international scene and the winner of numerous National titles and a leading light. Sheri will be a great loss to the International squad, Javea green, fellow bowlers and friends. She was an example to us all.

Our Captain, Jenny Rich says, ‘The passing of Sheri will be mourned by all the members of Javea Green Bowling club and in fact by all the bowlers on the Costa Blanca. She was the most loyal of our members and despite her International status, she never forgot her roots and always made herself available for in house competitions and league matches. A personal friend who was always there to give support to everyone, both on the rinks and personally, she has left a very large hole in many of our lives and our thoughts are with Jim, Richard and Colin at this very distressing time.

16th November -  home to B.B.C. Tigers 
Very pleased to win this game 8 - 2.  A much needed first home win and some revenge for our defeat to their Jaguars team in previous weeks . Wins again for Teams Clive Scott, Halina, and Peter 15 - 12, Jim Sissens, Tony Carroll, and Jack Coburn 19 - 13, Alan Ferrand, John Olliffe and Jim Thomas 20 - 13. Once again the 4th Team went to the last end, Paul, Bernie and Pamela 5 shots down, could only get 2 shots, losing by just 3 shots. Great win from Challenger team of Jill Glastonbury, Gerry Isaacs and Fred Rensen  33 - 12 , and a 15-15 draw for Friendly team of Ed Botten, Pat Arnett and Alan Pritchard  rounded off another good day for El Cid. Well done Team.

12th November -  rearranged match away to Calpe 
Very pleased to say we won 8 - 2. A really good result at a difficult venue. 
Wins for Teams of Clive Scott, Halina Leeder and Pete Whitbread 22 - 19, Alan Ferrand, John Olliffe and Gerry Isaacs 15 - 11, and Pamela & Paul Whitmee and Bernie Isaacs 17 - 13. Unfortunately in the 4th Team of Ed Botten, Tony Carroll, and Fred Rensen, going into the last end 3 down and holding 4 shots until the Calpe skip drew last bowl into the head to cut it down to 2 giving them a one shot victory. After the game we were taken to a local restaurant where we enjoyed an excellent 4 course lunch plus bread & ali oli, tapas and a glass of wine or beer all for €9.50!. Well done Team.

9th November -  Home to B.B.C. Jaguars
Unfortunately we were beaten 10 - 0 !! Obviously a very disappointing result although 3 of the games were only decided on the last end. Not a lot else to say other than some consolation in the way of wins for Challenger team of Jill Glastonbury, Jim Thomas and Gerry Isaacs 24 - 13 - nice to see Jill making her first appearance this season looking to repeat her success of last year when she skipped  the team to victory in the Challenger series. Finally, a win 22 - 11 in the Friendly from Ed Botten, Tony Barrett and Peter Brady.
The Northern League table is looking much healthier following the last two matches - we are now up to 5th place with a game in hand on all 4 teams above us, and even better in the Challenger league where we are lying second, 2 points behind leaders Javea Opals but with 2 games in hand.
Well done everybody let's see if we can keep the momento going.
Written By Tony Carroll Northern League Captain.





[El Cid Bowlers &  Invited Guests] on Tuesday 24th November 2015.

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Last  night was another outing of our curry club. 20 of us went to the Katmandu in Denia. The food was excellent and a good time was had by all. Our next outing will be in the New Year.


11th November



Brilliant WIN today... Weather was superb sunshine all through the match....Green covered with a heavy dew made the surface very slick at first, but dried to a perfect surface to bowl on.. 
We paused play at 11 o'clock for 2 minutes silence to commemorate armistice Day. 
We had 4 winning rinks today.
Derek Eldons rink with Lynne Eldon, Hazel Brown, Yvonne Briden  led all the way, although only 10-7 at the half way stage pulled away to win 8 from the last 9 ends to have a convincing win 26-9.
Jack Wardrops rink  with Ros Dingle, Pat Wardrop, David Bluff led all the way from the start. Half way stage leading 18-2, then had a few stumbles in the second half dropping two fours but went on to win 23-13.
Derek Randalls rink with Ian Brown, Anita Randall, Adrian Lambert had a very tight fought match, trailing 5-7 on the ninth end, but chipped away by winning six ends from the last nine ends to win 
Clive Scotts rink with Jean McLaughlin, Barbara Bluff, Stewart Beattie also had a very tight game, trailing 9-10 on the ninth end but held it together by winning seven out of the last nine ends to win 18-14.
Debbie Connolly with Paul Trunchion, Alan Ferrand, Shirley Payne  being 8-1 down after nine ends but fought back bravely to help secure the overall shots by losing 8-20.
Our Berleen Team Derek Pursey, Ron Dingle, Graham King, and Geraldine Scutt were within one shot at the ninth end 8-9 down but only managed to win one end from the last nine to lose 10-19.
El Cid thoroughly deserved the win today and we have now moved up to 9th place from 13th in the League table.
Derek Randall, the Winter League Captain, thanked Javea for a super mornings Bowling, but also admitted that he was VERY pleased with the result today, especially against our Friends & Neighbours who again played in the Spirit of the game. 
It was also good to see players from Javea staying behind after the meal to enjoy a VERY sociable drink with El Cid Bowlers.
Written by Derek Randall

A few updates to the Website.

Under the Heading CALENDAR

Touring Side matches for April 2016.
Other info including our neighbouring Clubs Competitions up to May 2016.

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Minutes of Federation Meeting October 2015
Federation Fees 2016. Provided by Ian Brown Federation Rep.


4th November

Today we travelled to Vistabella BC. The weather was good the company was good, but, i'm afraid to say, the Bowls were a little tired today. Loosing on all rinks, as Craig Revell Horwood would say, DISASTER DARLINGS.

The only rink to come close was Derek Eldon, Yvonne Briden, John Carr & Lynne Eldon. All level at 13 each on the 17th end and lost 2 shots for a final score of 13-15. 

Well done Vistabella. Overall shots 53-100 with a 0-12 pts score. 

Not a good day at the office..

Our next game is against Javea Green BC at El Cid on 11th November.

Report written by Pat Metcalfe

1st November

On Sunday 1st November we played our rearranged game against the San Luis Belugas at San Luis.

The weather forecast was not good and we were worried that the game would not go ahead. Derek Randall, Winter League Capt. was in constant touch with San Luis who said their forecast showed light rain and windy. So, off we went. Needless to say that the sun came out for us but the wind increased as the morning went on, which made it  a bit tricky on the green.
We had wins on 3 rinks, with Derek Randall, Hazel Brown, Ron Dingle & Jean McLaughlin 24 - 18.
Pat Metcalfe, Ian Brown, Anita Randall & Ros Dingle 27-18.
Jack Wardrop, Pat Wardrop, Paul Leeder & Peter Morgan 22-11. We had losses on 2 rinks, but secured the overall giving us a shot score of 104- 90 and points 8-4. Well done El Cid.
After the game we were served a huge Sunday Roast Dinner and at the price of €5.50, who can ask for more. Thank you San Luis.

We have another trip down South this Weds 4th November against Vistabella BC. The forecast is good so lets hope we can secure another win..
Report written by Pat Metcalfe


27th & 28th October

As well as the Northern League we also had a rearranged game followed by a sceduled game.
On the 27th we played host to San Luis Orcas. A very strong Team to play against. Unfortunately we only had one winning rink Derek Randall, Hazel Brown, Stewart Beatie & Jean McLaughlin losing overall 2 - 10 with a score of 64 to 96..
Pat Metcalfe, Ian Brown, Anita Randall & Ros Dingle, came very close to a possible win. Playing against a very strong rink Keith Jones, Colin Lindgren, June Jones & Kath Ried. On the 17th end it was all square at 15 each. Unfortunately dropping 2 shots on the last end finishing 15 - 17. 
The weather was very kind to us with wall to wall sunshine and temperatures reaching 26 degs. Not bad for the end of October.

Today 28th we were hosts to Benitachell BC. Another hard game in front of us. The weather was good with a slight breeze which got stronger as the time went on. We had 3 winning rinks and the overall shots giving us 8 - 4 with a score of 76 to 74. All games had finished except 1 which was Jack Wardrop, Pat Wardrop, Anita Randall & Ros Dingle. With all other rinks finished, the overall scores were level. Playing the last end of the game with a score of 20 - 15 already on the board, the Team got 2 shots to secure the final points giving El Cid the overall shots. A very exciting finish, well done El Cid.

We have another rearranged game on Sunday 1st November away to San Luis Belugas. Lets hope we will not have to reschedule any more games due to bad weather. 
Report written by Pat Metcalfe


25th & 26th October.

We played two matches in two days. Firstly, on Sunday 25th Oct, we were away to Javea Quartz in the match re-arranged from last Monday and came away with an excellent 8 - 2 win with overall shots 79 - 55. A big win for the team of Pamela & Paul Whitmee and Bernie Isaacs, 25 - 4. Good wins also from Alan Ferrand  Jim Thomas and Peter Whitbread 24 - 21 and Jim Sissons, Tony Carroll and Shirley Payne 19 -11. Our only loss was the team of Stuart Branch, Halina Leeder, and Jack Coburn beaten 19 - 11 on the difficult rink 7. A good win  for the Challengers Team of Paul Leeder, Gerry Isaacs and Pat Arnett 16 - 10.

Monday 26th Oct, saw us at home to a strong Javea Opal team. We lost a tight game 6 - 4.
Losses for Paul & Pamela Whitmee & Bernie Isaacs; Stuart Branch, Halina Leeder & Jack Coburn; and Alan Ferrand, Jim Thomas & Jim Sissons, all matches going to the last end! However a big win for Clive Scott, Tony Carroll & Shirley Payne of 25 - 8, gave us an overall shots win 72 - 63. Unfortunately there were also defeats for the Challenger Team Ed Botten, Gerry Isaacs & Fred Rensen, also the friendly team Tony Barrett, Ann Eslick & Pat Arnett. They were a little shell shocked to find themselves playing against Greg Sperring, filling in as a late replacement.
Our next match is Monday Nov. 2nd away to Calpe ( no challenger or friendly games). 

Report written by Tony Carroll. Team Captain

Peter Morgan is putting a Shirt Order list on the Notice Board. If you would like to purchase extra shirts please put your Name, Style and size required on the list.

CARRION 3-2-1 16th - 18th Oct 2015

Gail Chick, Harry Chick & Greg Sperring

CARRION 3-2-1  16th - 18th Oct  2015
Anita Randall, Adrian Lambert & Derek Randall

CARRION 3-2-1 16th - 18th oct 2015

Tony Metcalfe, Halina Leeder & Paul Trunchion
Alan Phillips, Chris Evans & Clive English

CARRION 3-2-1 2015
16th to 18th October

What a great start to a great Competition very ably organised and ran by Derek Randall, El Cid Match Secretary with the aid of Tony Carroll Vice Captain collecting money on the first day. 

The Man upstairs kept the big umbrella in the sky open for all three days with the big yellow light on most of the time. The original forecast wasn't that good but, this is Spain and the forecasts here change at the blink of an eye.. Today it is pouring with rain and expected to last a couple of days.
Three groups of 6 Teams started their campaign on Friday, and on Sunday one game left for all groups, to decide the placings for the semi finals. A & C groups had clear winners but the B group was wide open up to the last game.
The line up for the semi's:

A group. Alan Phillips, Chris Evans & Clive English  V  C group. Harry Chick, Gail Chick & Greg Sperring both from Javea Green BC

B group. Tony Metcalfe, Halina Leeder & Paul Trunchion  V  Best group runners up, Anita Randall, Adrian Lambert & Derek Randall.
B group. Derek Randall's Team  V  C group Greg Sperring's Team. The eventual winners were

Greg Sperring & Harry & Gail Chick..
The prizes of Wine and Cash were presented by Debbie Connolly, El Cid Sponsorship Sec.
We would like to thank the Umpires who gave up their time for the 3 days. Jerry Bartley, Tony Hesketh Field and John Hendricks. Also to Charlie and the Staff of the El Cid Restaurant for keeping everyone fed & watered over the 3 days.

Report and photos by Pat Metcalfe


The first game of the season was against Finca Guila at El Cid. Good wins for Clive Scott's team and Ed Botton's Challengers. Losing Paul Whitmee's game by one point a bit disappointing especially as they were 14 - 5 up after 12 ends. Alan Ferand's team fought back from 15 - 10 down to level at 17 all, only to drop 6 on the last end! Stuart Branch's team was against a strong team and unfortunately didn't make it.
Final Results.. EL CID 2 pts (+ 2 pts Challengers) FINCA GUILA 8 pts 
Overall shots.. EL CID 63  FINCA GUILA 74
The next game is at Javea against the Quartz. Let's hope we can get a better result this time.
Result sheet published on the NL Swords page.


The Club Championships entry fees list has now been published in the Members area. All fees must be paid to Peter Morgan, Treasurer, before you commence playing. The list is also on the Club notice board.


All details of the Club Championships draw, schedules,  Play on & by dates & Rules, have now been published on the Club Championships Page.

All Queries must go to Derek Randall, Match Secretary..  

Details of the Carrion 3-2-1 and order of play is now published on the Competitions page under the heading Open Competitions. Click on Competitions above. In the drop down menu click on Open Competitions.
Please contact: Match Sec. Derek Randall with any queries or alterations.

8-10-2015  WINTER LEAGUE

Yesterday, 7th Oct. after a 1 year absence, saw the start of our Winter League Campaign for the 2015/16 Bowls League Season. Our first venue was at La Marina BC, nr Torrevieja. The sun was shining and everyone was optimistic and raring to go. We started off very well and at 9 ends the scores were very tight with only 3 shots in it. In the second half La Marina raised their game and eventually got away from us resulting in a loss 4 - 8pt. and final overall shots 83 - 93. 

We had 2 winning rinks, the very strong Team of Lynne Eldon, Hazel Brown, Yvonne Briden & Derek Eldon, with a winning score of 18 - 5. They had their noses in front from the start. The second Team

was Ros Dingle, Ian Brown, Debbie Connolly and Adrian Lambert with a winning score od 29 - 18

We had a few supporters that came down on the coach with us. Thank you all very much for coming.

Our next game is against the San Luis Orcas at El Cid on 14th Oct. Lets hope we can make this one our first Home win. 

Report by Pat Metcalfe

SUMMARY OF NEWS  up to 7th Oct..

26th September
A great day in the Friendship Cup played at Javea Green. Played in a very friendly atmosphere.

A nice meal after the game and a drink with Javea Members.
Unfortunately we lost 80 - 108. Tony Carroll, Captain of the day, presented Javea Captain Jenny Rich

with the Trophy.


18th September
Winners... Stewart Beattie, Tony Carroll & Alan Farand

14th to 17th September.

El Cid had a great representation in the final stages of the competition.
Triples Champions.. Lynne Eldon, Yvonne Briden & Derek Eldon

Triples Runners up.. Paul Trunchion, Hazel Brown & Ian Brown

Fours Champions.. Bert McLean (BBC) Lynne Eldon, Yvonne Briden & Derek Eldon
Fours Runners up.. Stewart Beattie, Tony Carroll, Stuart Branch & Pat Metcalfe 
(Our Singles player was Halina Leeder) Well done Team..
Overall Team Trophy.. Runners up with 2 Bowlers from BBC, Bert McLean & Maggie Lawley, Lynne Eldon, Yvonne Briden & Derek Eldon

17.08.2015 - Hi everyone, final Summer League report for 2015. Last match today saw us take on the 2nd place team Javea Sharks and lose by 18 points to 8. Shots 98/71.  Once again frustrating as many games so close. Sadly for us, it appears that Bonalba came away with an amazing 17/9 win against the BBC Cougars at BBC today. Subject to confirmation I fear this means we will drop to 5th place in the League with Bonalba going into 4th by just 4 points. Ugh!

On the positive side the last 3 matches have allowed some of our new bowlers to get some valuable league experience. From what I have seen Pat Arnett (hopefully when 100% fit) and especially John Carr and Floyd Williams will be a great addition to any future league team. Well played.
Roll on next year. Lets also look forward to some great games in the Northern and Winter Leagues. Come on El Cid
Paul Trunchion - Summer League Captain.
10.08.2015 - Today saw the penultimate match in this years Summer League. El Cid at home taking on the leagues 3rd place team the BBC Cougars. Going in to the Singles a complete disaster was on the cards (!) with only 2 points scored by Floyd Williams, Peter Morgan and Paul Trunchion in all the teams triples and pairs matches. However it then came down to the Singles players to bring some respectability to the scoreline which they did in style winning on all 4 rinks. Well done and thanks to  Alan Ferrand, Jill Glastonbury, David Bluff and Paul Trunchion. So this brought the overall result to 10 points to El Cid and 16 to BBC Cougars. The overall shots going to the Cougars 88/66. Just one home match to go, against the Javea Sharks (2nd in the League) next Monday 17th August 9.30 for 10. Looks like, barring any crazy results,  todays result should see El Cid stay 4th in the table. The only threat being Bonalba who have also played today and were 9 points behind us in the table and also have one game to go. 
Paul Trunchion - Summer League Captain.
03.08.2015 - Today's match saw us take on League Leaders BBC Panthers. 8 points almost seems an unlucky result! With 2 bowlers, Pat Arnett and John Carr playing their first ever league games and  with other new bowlers in the team and some more regular players playing out of position I reckon this was an amazing result! Highlight for the day has to be Pat Arnett and Jean McLaughlins stunning 11/4 pairs win against a VERY strong BBC pairs team! Two El Cid teams came away with 3 points each - Pat Arnett, Jean McLaughlin and David Bluff drawing their trips and winning the pairs and Jack Coburn ,Tony Caroll and Jill Glastonbury winning the trips and drawing the pairs. Unlucky Jill in just losing her singles by 1 shot. The final 2 points coming from Paul Trunchion in the singles. Overall shots going to the Panthers by 85 to 71. Just 2 home matches to go now, the next being against BBC Cougars on Monday 10th August. Start time currently 9.30 for 10 but this may change!
Paul Trunchion - Summer League Captain
29.07.2015 - A very close game! 12 points each after the matches completed but the extra 2 points for overall team shots going to Javea Jets by 84/80. Clean sweep for the Stewart Beattie, Tony Carroll and Paul Trunchion winning Trips , Pairs and Singles. Jack Coburn, Alan Ferrand and Adrian Lambert winning Trips and Singles(Alan) but losing the pairs to a last bowl "glide". Not sure the other teams allowed to do that Adrian! Also a win in the Pairs to Peter Morgan and David Bluff. Just 3 games to go , all at home , but as it has worked out against the 3 teams that are now 1,2,3 in the league. Would be great to get some good results against them. By my calculations we are just 4 points off the team in 3rd place (after 9 games) Next game on Monday 3rd August against the BBC Panthers - this will be a 9 for 9.30 start.  COME ON EL CID!
Paul Trunchion - Summer League Captain
20.07.2015 -  Firstly best wishes to Pat Arnett who was taken ill on the way home from supporting the Summer League team at Bonalba. Felt sufficiently unwell for us to take her straight to Denia hospital where she is being kept in overnight. Full marks to the hospital, straight from car to doctor, tests done and on to ward all within 45 mins! Fingers x'd for a speedy recovery.
As for the bowls, a nearly day which ended with a disappointing overall result. El Cid 9 points Bonalba 17 points. Shots 78 to 69 favour of Bonalba. The team had a good start taking 5 of the 8 points available in the Trips. After 6 of the 8 ends in the pairs it looked like we could win all 4 games. Sadly a couple of bad ends saw all teams lose out. As for the Singles wins for Paul Trunchion and a stunning win for Ann Eslick. Probably one of her first games for ages but  Ann kept on finding the jack! Although a little disappointing this result does move the team into 3rd place (after 8 games) in the league (this was a game in hand for us though other teams will also be playing this week) Next match is the last "away" encounter of the season and sees us travel to take on the Javea Jets. Wednesday 29th July 9.30 for 10 start. Then it's 3 home games to finish the season. Come on El Cid!
Paul Trunchion - Summer League Captain.
15.07.2015 - Valencian Champions League Report by June Jones.
First, congratulations to the winners of the Northern League - El Cid ... then South - Blue Division  Greenlands Jasmine,  Red Division  Vistabella Vikings and Green Division Vistabella Saxons  each of whom were presented with their winners trophy at today's North v South play off at Monte Mar.
 And what an exciting play off - no points for overall shots just points per discipline so a total of 10 points available a draw meaning the rinks having to play an extra end.

The setting was great - sunny and hot but thankfully a good breeze to take the edge off. The ladies' singles went to Sandra Heath (Greenlands) playing Ros Dingle (El Cid)  21 -12 and the men's to Mike Edwards (Gn) playing Derek Eldon (El Cid) 21 -14  all players showing their excellent draw bowling skills.   The Pairs of Sue Johnson & Steve Hibberd (Gn) played well against Ian Brown & Derek Randal (El Cid) losing 8-19. And what a nail biter in the triples - after 17 ends the scores were 17 all, although earlier after 9 ends El Cid were 5 - 11 down and fought back valiantly to equalise on shots.  Last end and the ladies from El Cid - Lynne Eldon, Hazel Brown & Yvonne Briden picked up the 1 shot needed to win over Brian Tomlin, Avril Toozer & Mel Brown.  The rinks was an equally impressive match. Not to be outdone they  were 14 all after 16 ends ... El Cid being 5-12 down after 11 ends.  Greenlands just pulled away over the last 2 ends winning 17-14 to Sheila Stead, Jan Westall, Florence Edwards & Steve Cantley against Paul Trunchion,  Anita Randall, Adrian Lambert & Jack Wardrop.
Excellent bowling from everyone played in the true spirit of the game.
 A big thank you to the supporters who applauded all good bowls and added a great atmosphere to the event.  And to Monte Mar for the use of their green and the excellent meal afterwards.
 regards June.

10.07.2015 - An excellent turn out of supporters helped the El Cid team win through in an at times very close encounter with BBC to become:


Wins coming from Derek Eldon in the Mens singles, Lynne Eldon, Hazel Brown and Yvonne Briden in the Triples and Ros Dingle, Anita Randall, Adrian Lambert and Jack Wardrop in the Rinks
El Cid taking the extra points for overall team shots by just 1 - 89 to 88! This confirming the overall win by 8 points to 4.
Now for the final to be played against South Division Champions, Greenlands B.C. at Monte Mar BC next Wednesday the 15th July 10 for 10.30 start. The possibility of a coach for team and spectators is being considered, info from club secretary.
Many thanks to all the supporters that turned out today. Why not also come down to Monte Mar and enjoy a great day out as well! COME ON EL CID!
06.07.2015 - Great result today for the Summer League team! Travelling to Finca Guila and coming away with a 22 points to 4 win. Taking the shots by 96 to 58! Happy to report 3 rinks having a clean sweep of results , Trips, Pairs and Singles. Well done to the teams of Stewart Beattie, Tony Carroll and Paul Trunchion, also to Jack Coburn, Jean McLaughlin and David Bluff and to Peter Morgan, Derek Fielding and Bernie Isaacs.  Finally another good pairs win from Ros and Ron Dingle. Well done everyone. We are on our way back up the table. I will post the new table as soon as I receive it. Now for a lovely 2 week break before our next game on the 20th July away to Bonalba! Come on El Cid!
Paul Trunchion - Summer League Captain
29.06.2015 - A much better day for the Summer Leaguers today. Travelling to Javea to take on the current league leaders, the Javea Sharks and coming away with a 14 points to 12 WIN. Points were drawn after the 3 disciplines but the extra 2 points for shots overall going to El Cid 80 to 70. Massive performances from Jack Coburn, Jean McLaughlin and David Bluff winning their Triples 13/5. Ros and Ron Dingle winning their Pairs 10/1 and to Alan Ferrand winning his Singles 10/3. With all other results kept reasonable. win or lose,  these 3 results making a big difference.  That's half the season done, we now still have 3 consecutive away games BUT then finish with 3 Home Games. Next Monday sees us travel to Finca Guila and then we have a 2 week break. Nice!
Paul Trunchion - Summer League Captain
22.06.2015 - Another very difficult day for the Summer League team at BBC today. A random draw for the rinks at the start certainly not helping as in the words of some BBC members we got the worst 4 rinks! However I still thought we had a good team - today it just didn't happen with El Cid losing by 21 points to 5 against the BBC Cougars. Best rink, scoring 3 of our points were Stewart Beattie, Paul Trunchion and David Bluff with a draw in the Pairs and a win in the Singles. The other points coming from Ros Dingle, Hazel Brown  and Alan Ferrand in their triples.
Thinking positively this means that 2 of our 3 toughest (on paper) games of the season our done and dusted. We can do ourselves a lot of good with a better result against the leagues top team the Javea Sharks next Monday.  Down, yes,  BUT certainly not out.
Paul Trunchion - Summer League Captain
Prudential / Totus 1 Day Triples

Once again , the format of 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw AND 1 point for each end

won leads to nail biting finish to an excellent days competition. Held at El Cid and sponsored

by Prudential Investments and Totus, Wealth Matters this competition saw 20 teams take

part including invited teams from clubs north and south of Alicante. After 4 games of 50

minutes duration the top four places were covered by just 1 point!

In 3rd place were June Young, Ronnie Cairns and Bill Young from Monte Mar BC with 27 points, 2nd place going to the team of Ian and Hazel Brown from El Cid playing with Sheila Manser of Finca Guila BC

with 28 points. However after a count back the winners were the all El Cid team of Paul

Trunchion, Bernie Isaacs and Margaret Gill . The sponsors also held a free raffle for 2 bottles

of wine and amazingly both tickets drawn out of a hat belonged to first Floyd and then

Debbie Williams. At the presentations Match Secretary, Derek Randall thanked the sponsors

and visiting teams for their support.

18.06.2014 - This weeks Summer League match saw us travel to BBC on Monday to take on their Panthers. Sadly we lost by 18 points to 8. However, it is unlikely we will come up against a stronger team than this in the rest of the season and from what I saw we did not play badly! 4 of the teams 8 points coming from the rink of Ian Brown, Derek Fielding and Jill Glastonbury winning both the trips and pairs sections. Star player by all accounts was Derek Fielding -well done Derek. The new league table shows El Cid still in 3rd place and only 5 points off 2nd and 11 off 1st. So its still all to play for.  Next Monday sees us back at BBC to take on their Cougars. Come on El Cid!
Paul Trunchion - Summer League Captain

10.06.2015 - El Cid wins Australian Pairs Open.

The last few weeks have seen some great results for El Cid. Most recently was the annual Australian Pairs Open Competition sponsored by Europa Network. 24 teams in 4 groups of 6 took part. The group winners came from 3 different clubs, 1 from Monte Mar, 2 from Bonalba and the other from El Cid. The final was contested by Roli and Eve Bell from Bonalba and Debbie Connolly and Adrian Lambert (pictured) of El Cid. A very close game saw the El Cid team come through by just 1 shot.

06.06.2015 - El Cid Members excel at the Inaugural Bonalba 1-Day Open!

Today saw the inaugural Bonalba Open take place - with 6 teams of El Cid members taking part! The format was trips with 3 points for a win , 1 point for a draw and that so important point for each end won. There were 4 games of 50 minutes duration. This reporter is VERY HAPPY to report (can't imagine why!) that the WINNERS were:  PAUL TRUNCHION, ANITA RANDALL AND DEREK RANDALL with 30 points.

2nd and 3rd places going to teams from Javea with 27 points.


Well done to also to : Jacqui Carroll, Stewart Beattie and Tony Carroll finishing 5th on 25 points (same points as the 4th team!), and also to : Ros Dingle, Ron Dingle and  Adrian Lambert finishing 6th with 23 points!

Well done everyone - and thanks to Bonalba for the friendly welcome and an excellent competition.

Roll on next year! 

05.05.2015 - Well done Summer Leaguers! Today saw El Cid take on the Javea Jets at El Cid and come away with a 20 points to 6 win! Clean sweep for the team - Jack Coburn , Jean McLaughlin and Adrian Lambert - winning their Trips10/3, Pairs 9/6 and Singles 8/4. Great result especially for Jack Coburn beating Javea's Alan Phillips! First ever League game today for Floyd Williams and a pretty good start helping the trips team with Paul Trunchion and Stuart Branch to a 12/3 win.

This result sees El Cid jump up to joint top position in the league (to be confirmed!). Great start. However , now the fun starts with 6 consecutive away games! Next game is on Monday 15th June at BBC to take on their Panthers team. 

Report by Paul Trunchion - Summer League Captain.
27.05.2015 - El Cid's win at Potters in April was mentioned in the latest Bowls International magazine - click HERE to see the full report.

25-05-2015 - The club's annual Ashes Charity Day was this year, as crazy as ever.  With the majority of bowlers dressing up in some amazing costumes!  Phil and Sara Hamer even travelled back from the UK to be in sunny Spain for this event.  This is a battle between the bowls club committee and El Cid staff, versus the El Cid and Amigos bowlers.  This year they raised over €200 which is split between the staff's charity and the bowlers charity (MABS).  The 'match' was followed by a delicious lunch at El Cid and plenty of boozing!  Thank you to all who took part and helped to raise the money for great local charities.

Next year, we will make sure Bamboo doesn't bring any more Rum ;-)  !!


Click HERE for information Flyer.
El Cid Bowlers!! The entry sheet will be displayed on our Club Notice Board on Tuesday 2nd June. Generous Sponsers Prize Money, so hurry get your teams on the sheet ASAP..
Entries close 12th June and is limited to 24 Teams. [Including our Guests] 

07.05.2015 - Following today's AGM the club's new committee is as follows:

President - Hazel Brown

Captain - Derek Eldon

Vice-Captain - Tony Carroll

Secretary - Stewart Beattie

Treasurer - Peter Morgan

Match Secretary - Derek Randall

Sponsorship Manager - Debbie Connolly

Social Secretary - position vacant

Delegate Members: Adrian Lambert & Paul Trunchion.

06.05.2015  Congratulations go to El Cid's Lynne and Derek Eldon for winning the long standing J&J 2-wood pairs open tournament this week at El Cid.  Many thanks go to Trevor and Coral Wearn for their sponsorship and also to the organisers and players for such a successful competition. It was lovely to see so many players from clubs up and down the Costa Blanca supporting this great competition.

For more photos from the J&J tournament click HERE.

01.05.2015  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!  El Cid triumphs again at Potter's Bowls International Week!
Congratulations to Lynne and Derek Eldon and Anita and Derek Randall for winning the whole competition. That's 2 years running now that El Cid have won, both the competition and the best overall team. Well done all those who took part.
A fantastic result and well deserved accolades for our wonderful club and its members.

For more photos from Potters click HERE.

18.04.2015 - Fantastic News from the Costa Blanca Bowls Association Champion of Champions tournament. El Cid Bowls Club are the WINNERS of the Rinks discipline. They beat a strong team from Quesada.

Congratulations go to the fab four: Yvonne Briden, Derek Eldon, Pat Wardrop and Lynne Eldon!


18.04.2015 - Well done to Lynne & Derek Eldon and Yvonne Briden for getting to the finals in the Triples discipline of  the Costa Blanca Bowls Association Champion of Champions tournament. It's a gruelling competition battling against the best players from the Costa Blanca clubs.  Our team were pipped at the post by a team from San Luis, well done to them.
March 2015 - Here's the presentation of this year's events at El Cid Bowls Club for you to enjoy.... (make sure your sound is turned up!)

29-03-2015---For the latest Club Meeting Minutes & 2014 Accounts- Members should log-in to the Members Area above!

16-03-2015---NORTHERN LEAGUE - FINAL MATCHES - TARGETS ACHIEVED [Click HERE to see Paul Trunchions final league report]

Congratulations to all our 2014/15 Club Championship Finalists. Thank you once again to Vives Pons for their generous sponsorship. Here are this year's winners:
Novices: Peter Whitbread
Mixed Singles: Derek Eldon
Ladies Singles: Lynne Eldon
Men's Singles: Derek Eldon
Drawn Aussie Pairs: Peter Whitbread & Jack Wardrop
Mixed Pairs: Lynne & Derek Eldon
Ladies Pairs: Debbie Connolly & Bernie Isaacs
Men's Pairs: Ray Parsons & Alan Ferrand
Mixed Triples: Yvonne Briden, Lynne & Derek Eldon
Mixed Rinks: Stuart Branch, Yvonne Briden, Lynne & Derek Eldon

This year's overall EL Cid Club Champion is Derek Eldon.

15-03-2015----CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS -------- W-ELDON-E!

Its all over for another year. Congratulations to all the finalists. However what can you say about Lynne and Derek Eldon. Just awesome. On a quick count i make it 9 Champions trophies between them. 5 wins for Derek and 4 for Lynne! Looks like another trophy cabinet required and more dusting for Lynne! I was lucky enough to be able to attend all 6 sessions of the finals and there were some very high quality matches. Leaving Lynne and Derek out[!] for me the stand out performances were by Peter Whitbread[Presidents Cup and Oz Pairs Champ] - for consistent and accurate bowling, same applies to that amazing youngster[!?] Ray Parsons[Mens Pairs Champ] and finally to Alan Ferrand who not only had the enenviable task of taking on Derek Eldon in the Mens Singles final but also did so with a borrowed set of bowls - following a bowls mix up after his morning match. Still a very high standard match with Derek only stepping up a gear after the scores were 12/12.

Many thanks to the supporters. Often the same faces throughout the 4 days. It would be wonderful to see more support next year as to be honest this years turn out could have been a LOT better!!


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