The Club Championship finals are now complete. Well done to all the Champions and Runners up. 

Congratulations to Yvonne Briden winning all her Finals and becoming the overall Club Champion Singles Player for 2017.

All photos in the Club photos gallery.
The Presentations evening with our Sponsors will be Saturday 18th March with more photos to follow.. 

March 2nd 2017

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016-17 FINALS. "ORDER OF PLAY" Revised 6th March.. [Click Here
[ 9.00am for 9.30am start ]
FLYER/RULES [Click Here]


From left to right "back"

Harry Chick, Gail Chick [BBC] Chris Evans [Javea] Trefor Evans [BBC] Clive English [Javea]  Competition Sponsors SCOTTSDALE OVERSEAS Director David Wallis-Powell, and EL CID Bowls Club Vice Captain Tony Carroll [Competition Organiser]

Front Kneeling : Greg Sperring [BBC]

Friday 3rd February 2017

Today 3rd February 2017 saw the successful completion of our first Winter League Competition The Scottsdale Overseas Friday Winter Mixed 3 Wood Pairs the winners being "ICS Inc" comprising of Gail and Harry Chick, Trefor Evans, Chris Evans, Clive English and Gregg Sperring.

I would like to thank our Sponsors Scottsdale Overseas - Ian Botterell, Debbie Evans, Paul Hawkes and David Wallis-Powell for attending our last day and presenting the very generous prize money to our winners and runner ups and for providing a lovely buffet lunch for all participants of the competition.

Secondly, thanks to all those bowlers for taking part and supporting us in getting this competition up and running. Following the success of this new competition for El Cid Bowls Club i am pleased to confirm that we shall continue with this format for the future and hopefully we shall have more teams entering for next year.

Special thanks to Tony Carroll [Vice Captain] for all his work in making this a great success.

Report provided by Debbie Connolly 

Sponsorship Manager. 



League Table as of the 30th Jan 2017 [Click Here to view]

16th January 2017
CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP LATEST RESULTS/POSITIONS [See Competitions drop down menu above]

Winter League

El Cid v La Siesta

11th January 2017

Our first home game of the year with much better results for El Cid with a 11 - 1 win.

Winning on 4 out of 5 rinks and drawing on 1. El Cid was in control from the start and had some very convincing wins. The drawn rink lost 6 on the 10th end and struggled to recover but finally managed a draw on the last end of the game.

There was no Berleen Team but we had a friendly rink and they lost by 1 shot..

Final scores..109 shots El Cid  69 shots La Siesta.. El Cid 11pts  La Siesta 1pt.

Result sheet with Teams and results on the Winter League page.

Report written by Pat Metcalfe

Northern League

BBC Tigers v  El Cid Swords


Our first match after Xmas break was a visit to the second place team BBC Tigers.

We came away with wins on two rinks and four points. After just losing the overall shots when, with the last shot of the match, Captain Tony Carroll was lying 3 down in the head and just failed to draw shot.
Final result BBC Tigers 6 El Cid Swords 4,  overall shots 69 - 66.

Report written by Toy Carroll


Winter League

Monte Mar v El Cid

4th January 2017

Not a good start to the new year for El Cid. Losing 10 - 2 at Monte Mar. Losing on 4 rinks and winning on 1. 

Team Captain Adrian Lambert struggled to raise a Team for this game with 10 regular playing members not back from Christmas & New year.

Well done the Berleen Team winning 22 - 14. Final overall shots 110 Monte Mar  72 El Cid.  

The result sheet is published on the Winter League page with Names of Teams and results.

Report written by Pat Metcalfe.


Report for Winter League & Northern League 

W/C 21st November to W/C 12th December

Winter League

Away to Finca Guila.

Sunday 27th November.

This game was rearranged due to extreme weather. A great win for El Cid winning on all Rinks and the overall shots. Final scores.. El Cid 98 shots, Finca Guila 52, 12pts – 0. No Berleen.

Home to Emerald Isle

Wednesday 30th November

Not such a good result as the game before. El Cid won on 2 rinks, Emerald won on 3 rinks and the overall shots with only 5 shots separating the 2 clubs. Final Scores.. El Cid 61shots Emerald Isle 66 shots.. 4pts – 8pts  The Berleen rink drew 1pt each.

Home to Javea Green

Wednesday 7th December

Another very close game overall.. Winning on 2 rinks and losing 3. Final result.. El Cid 77 shots Javea 80 shots..4pts – 8pts. The Berleen lost by 3 shots.

Away to Greenlands

Wednesday 14th December

Our last game of 2016. A better result for El Cid to finish the year off.. Both sides winning on 2 Rinks and drawn on one and losing 2. El Cid had the overall shots points from 2 large wins.

Final Results.. El Cid 98 shots Greenlands 74.. 7pts – 5pts  No Berleen.

All results and Teams are on the website under the heading Leagues.

Northern League


Home to BBC Lions

Monday 28th November

Great result for Swords against the strongest Northern Team BBC Lions. Winning on 2 rinks each Swords losing by 1 shot on 2 rinks. Final result.. Sword 63 BBC Lions 63. 5pts each.  A loss for the Challengers.

Away to Bonalba

Monday 5th December

2 very close wins but losing the overall. Final Result.. Swords 57 Bonalba 65. 4pts – 6pts
Challengers won  18 - 15  2pts.

Away to Finca Guila

Monday 12th December

Swords last game in 2016. With only 1 winning rink.. Final results.. Swords 44 Finca Guila 94. 

 2pts – 8pts. A loss for the Challengers


Away to BBC Jaguars

Thursday 24th November

2 winning rinks for each side but the overal shots went to BBC..

Final results.. Sabres 57 BBC Jags 88. 4pts – 6pts

Away to BBC Tigers

Monday 28th November

Unfortunately this was our second game away to BBC, a tricky green for our Novices.

No wins this time. Final result..Sabres 39 BBC Tigers 111. 0pts – 10pts

Home to Javea Onyx

Monday 5th December

Wins on 2 rinks for both sides with Sabres losing the overall by 2shots.. Final results.. Sabres 67 Javea Onyx 69. 4pts – 6pts.

Home to Bonalba

Monday 12th December

Our last game in 2016. Unfortunately winning on only 1 rink.. Final results.. Sabres 55 Bonalba 82. 2pts 8pts.

All results sheets with team names and results on the website under the heading Leagues.


All Leagues 

w/c 14th November 2016


Swords v Javea Opals 14.11.16

In a reversal of last weeks result we went away to Javea and came away with a 8 - 2 win.

Wins for Jill Glastonbury, Stewart Beattie & Ros Dingle 18 - 8.

Alan Ferrand, Jim Thomas & Jacquie Carroll 22 - 15.

Paul Trunchion, John Carr & Jean McLaughlin 17 - 11. 

Only losers were last weeks only winners Tony Carroll, Floyd Williams & Jack Coburn losing a tight game 14 - 16. 

Overall score 71 - 50 giving us the bonus points. 

There was also a win for our challenger team of Ron Dingle, Jeff Sale & Clive Bidel 19 - 15.

No game next week, we are at home to league leaders BBC Lions on 28th when we can hopefully bring our away form to our home green.

Written by Tony Carroll

El Cid Sabres v Javea Quartz

On our home green we won on 1 rink and a very close score on another, but not enough to give us more than 2 pts. 

Our overall shot difference was amazing with only 3 shots in it. 

Unfortunately the Challengers lost their game.

Final results.. 2-8pts 57-60shots..

Written by Pat Metcalfe


El Cid v San Miguel

Weds 16th November 

After 2 days of rain and some very threatening dark clouds our game today was a very close affair overall. 

El Cid had 2 winning rinks plus the overall shots and San Miguel had 3 winning rinks.

Jack Wardrop's rink with Derek Eldon, Stuart Branch and Lynne Eldon won 28-7

Yvonne Briden's rink with Paul Whitmee, Adrian Lambert and Tony Hesketh Field won 20-11

Pat Metcalfe's rink lost on the last end on a measure 17-18

Derek Randall's rink with Stewart Beattie, Ron Dingle and Anita Randall lost 17-25

Debbie Connolly's rink with Alan Ferrand, Paul Trunchion and Jean McLaughlin lost 10-26

Final results.. 6-6pts  92-87shots. Very close..

Written by Pat Metcalfe 


All Leagues.
Week commencing Monday 7th November 2016


Swords v Calpe, 7th November 2016.

Sadly back to another big home defeat, second successive home match we have lost, 2 - 8!!

Only winners were Tony Carroll, Floyd Williams & Jack Coburn with a comfortable 29 - 15 

Jill Glastonbury, Stewart Beattie & Ros Dingle lost a very tight game 14 - 15

Ian Brown, John Carr & Jean McLaughlin lost 15 - 23

Alan Ferrand, Paul Trunchion & Tony Hesketh-Field also lost by 8 points 11 - 19 

An overall points loss by just 3 at 69 - 72. 

Two challenger games 1 at home won by Jim Thomas, Jeff Sale & Clive Bidel 33 - 7 and the "away" game was a loss 13 - 18 for Ron Dingle, Jacquie Carroll & Geraldine Scutt.

Written by Tony Carroll


Away 7th November 

A first for some of our new bowlers travelling down to Finca Guila bowls club. Also our first really cold and windy day of the season. All good experience for the novices.

We had 1 winning rink losing by 2-8 pts. 

Written by Pat Metcalfe


El Cid v Bonalba

Wednesday 9th November

We travelled down to Bonalba BC on a sunny but cold day. A very good win for El Cid.

Winning on 4 of our 5 rinks plus the overall shots gave us 10-2 pts and 110-56 shots.

A nice win for our Berleen Team 21-13..2pts.

written by Pat Metcalfe

Apologies for the precis reports.



Javea Onyx v El Cid Swords.

Monday 31st October 2016

We returned to winning ways with a close 6 - 4 victory away to Javea Onyx. 

Wins for the teams of Jill Glastonbury, Stewart Beattie and Ros Dingle 19 - 11.

Ian Brown, John Carr and Jean McLaughlin 30 - 12  which was sufficient to give us the extra 2 points on shot difference (75 - 65)

Defeats for our other two teams, Alan Ferrand, Paul Trunchion and Jacquie Carroll losing 12- 18 

Tony Carroll, Jack Coburn and Floyd Williams losing 14 - 24. 

There was also a defeat for our Challenger team of Jim Thomas, Ron Dingle and Clive Bidel.

Final Scores.. El Cid 75 - Javea Onyx 65   6 - 4pts to El Cid.

Report written by Tony Carroll.


El Cid Sabres v BBC Lions

Monday 31st October 2016

This was always going to be a tough match for the Sabres but, we managed to take 3 points off the BBC Lions thanks to 2 rinks.

Firstly, Team of Peter Morgan, Gerry Isaacs and Ann Beauchamp winning from the first to the last end 22 - 8.

Secondly, Team of Jack Wardrop, Pat Wardrop and Mary O'Neill. They had a very slow start until the 10th end at 3 - 15 down. Scoring on 7 of the last 8 ends pulled back for the draw of 16 all.

Unfortunately our other 2 rinks suffered heavy losses.  Our Challenger Team of Derek Fielding, Fred Beauchamp and Gus Camilleri were only 1 point behind on the 7th end 6-7. They only scored on 3 more ends and lost 10 - 22.

Final results El Cid 50 shots  Lions 80 shots.. 3 - 7pts to Lions.

Report written by Pat Metcalfe


Quesada v El Cid

Wednesday 2nd November 2016

We had quite a cold start to our journey down to Quesada, but, once the game got going, it wasn't only the weather that warmed up, we got off to a great start overall. At 9 ends there was only 1 shot in it 44 - 45. Unfortunately the wheels fell off across all the rinks after that.

The Team of Clive Scott, Adrian Lambert, Paul Trunchion and Jean McLaughlin, started very well and were 11-2 up after 5 ends. Quesada scored 8 on the next 2 ends and El Cid scored 1 on the next 12 - 10. On the 10th end they were all square 12 all. Not being ahead any more they lost 24 - 17.

The Team of Derek Randall, Ian Brown, Stewart Beattie and Anita Randall had a great start and were 14 - 5 up at 9 ends. Scoring on only 1 more end in the second half, lost 20 - 15.

The Team of Jack Wardrop, Derek Eldon, Stuart Branch and Lynne Eldon had the closest game. 

10 - 6 down on the 10th end and drawing level 12 all on the 15th, lost by 2 shots, 16 - 14.

Team of Pat Metcalfe, Pat Wardrop, Jack Coburn and Ros Dingle were 6 all after 6 ends. They were 8-9 up after 11 and dropped a 5. Not managing to get again lost 24 - 11.

The Team of Paul Whitmee, John Carr, Geraldine Scutt and Tony Hesketh Field had a hard day. Never really getting going they lost 33 - 5.

Our Berleen Team of Peter Morgan, Floyd Williams, Ron Dingle and Pamela Whitmee, also had a hard day. They lost 9 - 22.

Final result. 12pts to Quesada  El cid 62 shots  Quesada 117..

Report written by Pat Metcalfe



Our annual 3-2-1 open competition was played over 3 days 28th to 30th October 2016. Generously sponsored this year, for the first time, by Direkt Optik of Moraira.

We had an entry of 24 teams, with much appreciated support from BBC, Javea and Bonalba bowls clubs.

After two and a half days the field was down to the four semi-finalists with the BBC team of Gail & Harry Chick and Greg Sperring losing out to El Cid's Pamela & Paul Whitmee and Paul Trunchion. The second semi-final was between the Javea team of Pat & John Pittaway and David Gardiner who were beaten by another El Cid team of Alan Ferrand, Jack Coburn and Stuart Branch. 

A big thank you to the 40 to 50 supporters, including many of the losing teams, who enjoyed a very competitive Final which went to the last discipline of Singles, between Jack Coburn and Paul Trunchion. Paul playing some great bowls was able to pull back a big points deficit and give his team a very close victory.

Other prizes were for best Triples, Pairs and Singles scores over the group matches. These were won by Paul & Halina Leeder, and Clive Scott (Trips), Anita Randall & Adrian Lambert (Pairs), and Derek Eldon (Singles) - all from El Cid!!

The day ended with the presentation of prizes by Direkt  Optik's  Mr. Vivian O'Toole, to the very appreciative recipients. Vivian was then thanked on behalf of the club by acting Captain Tony Carroll for the sponsors generosity which will hopefully be repeated next year.

All in all an excellent three days of competition, with great weather, enjoyed by all and we look forward to next year. Thanks to all involved in the organising and running of the event and special mention to the work of our sponsorship manager Debbie Connolly for arranging the sponsorship from Direkt Optik.  Report written by Tony Carroll Acting Captain El Cid.

More photos in the Gallery.



El Cid Swords v BBC Tigers 

Monday 24.10.16.

Our 4th match of season saw the end of our unbeaten start with a 2 - 8 home defeat. 

Only winners were the Team of Jill Glastonbury, Stewart Beattie & Ros Dingle with a 17 - 13 win. 

A close game for Alan Ferrand,Tony Hesketh-Field, & John Carr. Trailing 11-12 they conceded a 4 on 17th end and lost 12 - 16. 

In the other two games Paul Trunchion, Floyd Williams & Jim Thomas came back from 0 - 8 to 

8 - 10 after 10 ends but that was as close as it got and they lost 13 - 19.

The Team of Tony Carroll, Jack Coburn, & Jacquie Carroll were down 7 - 20 after 12ends and despite winning 5 of the last 6 ends lost 15 - 21. 

All games were hard fought and this is reflected in a shot difference of only 12. Defeat also for our Challenger Team of Ron Dingle, Irene Jones & Clive Bidel  who started with a 6 on the first end but finally lost a high scoring game 25 - 29. Final result  57 - 69shots  Points 2 - 8

Written by Tony Carroll 



El Cid v San Luis

Wednesday 26.10.16

Our second consecutive draw 6 - 6 against a very strong San Luis Team. Once again it could have gone our way over the last couple of ends. We had 2 winning rinks and the overall points.

The Team of Derek Randall, Ian Brown, Stewart Beattie and Anita Randall were our highest scoring rink. Being 4 all after 5 ends the opposition scored on only 2 after that. A comfortable win 27 - 7

The Team of Jack Wardrop, Derek Eldon, Geraldine Scutt and Lynne Eldon were the other winning rink. After winning 2 the first of the first 5, scored again on the 6th end. All level 7all after 7 ends. Never behind again after that with a win 27 - 11.

Then there were 2 very close games both losing by 1 shot on the last end.

The Team of Yvonne Briden, Debbie Connolly, Paul Whitmee and Tony Hesketh Field, didn't get of to a good start and were 3 - 7 down at 7 ends. They drew 10 all on the 13th. On the 17th they were 14 - 12 up and lost 3 shots on the last end. 14 - 15

Another close encounter for the Team of Pat Metcalfe, Pat Wardrop, Jack Coburn and Ros Dingle. Very close most of the way drawing 8 all at 10 ends. Unfortunately not scoring for the next 5 ends were 8 - 14 down. Scoring 5 shots over the last 3 ends lost on a measure for a draw. 

Final score 13 - 14

The Team of Clive Scott, Adrian Lambert, Paul Trunchion and Jean McLaughlin, had a very slow start and were 0 - 8 at 5 ends. Pick themselves up and were 9 all at 10 ends. 12 all at 13 ends and unfortunately only scored another 2. Final score 14 - 22.

Our Berleen Team of Stuart Branch, John Carr, Ron Dingle and Pamela Whitmee were off to a good start 10 - 4 up after 9 ends. It go very close in the second half drawing 13 all on the 17th. Winning 2 shots on the last end gave them the win 15 - 13 and 2 pts.

Final results  95 - 69 Shots to El Cid. 6 - 6 Pts. and 2 for the Challengers. 

Written by Pat Metcalfe


El Cid Sabres v El Cid Swords

Monday 17.10.16

The game today was in house against El Cid Swords. Apart from 1 rink all games were close up to the half way 9 ends. We had 1 winning rink and our Challenger Rink won as well.

Winning Team of Peter Morgan, Gerry Isaacs and Pat Arnett kept it close all the way through drawing level at 6 all on 9 ends. Scoring on 6 ends from the last 9, finished 15 - 10

Team of Pat Metcalfe, Shirley Payne & Linda Cummings drew level with 10 all at 9 ends. Then the wheels fell off. Finishing 13 - 26.

Team of Bill Kapoor, Ieuan Davies and Ann Beauchamp had a better game than the score shows. At 9 ends 5 - 7, at 16 ends 11 - 13. Dropping a 5 on the 17th basically sealed the win of 11 - 19 against.

Team Ed Botten, Mike O'Neill and Mary O'Neill were up against a very strong Team and didn't really get going.

Challenger Team of John Olliffe, Fred Beauchamp and Steve Cummings got off to a good start. 8 - 3 up on the 6th end and dropped 6 on the 7th. On the 11th end they drew 15 all and got away over the next 6 ends 25 - 15 dropping 5 on the last end gave a final score of 25 - 20.

Final scores.. 43 - 86 shots  2 - 8 pts  plus 2 pts for the Challengers.

Well done the Sabres. Keep it going. 

Written by Pat Metcalfe

El Cid Swords v El Cid Sabres 

Monday 24.10.16

An away game at home - Another good result for us with a 8 - 2 victory against our Sabres team. 

A win for the team of Jill Glastonbury, Stewart Beattie and Ros Dingle only losing 3 ends for a very good 31 - 4 win. 

A good recovery from the team of Ian Brown, John Carr and Jean McLaughlin from 7 - 10 down after 7 ends to win 26 - 13.  

A third win from the team of Alan Ferrand, Paul Trunchion and Tony Hesketh-Field, leading 13 - 11 they got a 5 on the 17th end and finished winners 19 - 11. 

There was a first loss of the season for the team of Tony Carroll, Jack Coburn and Floyd Williams, losing an always tight game 10 - 15. Down 13 - 8 after 15 ends they were holding 4/5 on the 16th until the opposing skip, Pete Morgan, played a perfect draw to cut it down to just one. 

Swords also picked up the extra pointsfor the overall win. The final overall score was 86 - 43. 

We also had a defeat for our challenger team of Jim Thomas, Ron Dingle and Jacquie Carroll 20 - 25.

Following lunch both captains offered praise and encouragement to the new bowlers in the Sabres team and this was endorsed by all present, a nice ending to an enjoyable day.

Written by Tony Carroll


El Cid v Vistabella BC

Wednesday 19.10.16

After a day of almost non stop rain along the Costa Blanca Coast it was in the balance as to whether this game was on or not with he weather forecast differing on every Weather site you looked on. When we arrived at Vistabella it was overcast and humid, but, it wasn't raining. 

The game ended up a 6 - 6 draw but could have easily been a good win for El Cid with 2 very close finishes and 2 wins plus the overall shots.

The Team of Derek Eldon, Jack Wardrop, Geraldine Scutt and Lynne Eldon, had a comfortable lead throughout their game winning 23 - 11.

The Team of Pat Metcalfe, Pat Wardrop, Jack Coburn and Ros Dingle, had a closer encounter and were 7 all on the 8th end and then picked up 5 on the 9th. From then they were never behind and finished 20 - 18.

The Team of Derek Randall, Ian Brown, Stewart Beattie and Anita Randall, were 4 all after 6 ends. 

10 - 11 after 12 ends. They score 7 shots over the next 3 ends and were 17 - 11 only to lose those 7 shots over tha last 3 ends to lose by 1 shot and finish 17 - 18.

The Team of Clive Scott, Adrian Lambert, Paul Trunchion and Jean McLaughlin were 14 - 15 on the 13th end then dropped 8 shots over the next 3. They picked up 6 shots over the last 2 but lost 20 - 23.

The Team of Peter Morgan, Stuart Branch, John Carr and Pat Arnett started very close drawing 5 all at 7 ends. Unfortunately they couldn't get ahead after that and lost 14 - 18.

Our Challenger Team of Floyd Williams, Ron Dingle, Clive Bidel and Pamela Whitmee, never really got going and lost 10 - 23.

Final scores.. 94 shots El Cid  88 shots Vistabella.

The weather remained kind but we had a very long day due to problems with the restaurant after the game.

Written By Pat Metcalfe



El Cid Swords v BBC Jaguars
Monday 10.10.16

Our first home match of the season and Swords came away with a good 6 - 4 win. We won 2 games, and lost 2, but we took the extra 2 points with an overall 79 - 65 shots for victory. 

Another big win for the team of Tony Carroll, Jack Coburn & Pete Whitbread, although marred by Pete having to pull out after 8 ends with a back problem. Floyd Williams stepped in and had an excellent game. It was close at 8 - 6 after 10 ends, but a run of 19 unanswered shots over the next 7 ends gave us a comfortable 27 - 7 win. 

Second win was from the team of Ian Brown, John Carr & Jean McLaughlin. A very tight game with 10 ends decided with just 1 shot. With a score at 14 - 11 after 17 ends, the 18th end was replayed after the BBC skip fired the jack out sideways and killed the end. The replayed end was also ended by an other firing shot from the BBC skip, but this time the jack finished in the midst of a group of our bowls giving us 7 shots and a 21 - 11 win. 

The Ladies team of Jill Glastonbury, Bernie Isaacs & Ros Dingle, had a great start leading 10 - 0 after 3 ends but were pulled back to 14 - 9 after 8. They managed only 2 more shots and were beaten 16 - 21. 

The team of Stewart Beattie, Alan Ferrand & Paul Trunchion started with a 5 - 0 first end, but it went a bit south after that with a final score of 15 - 26. 

The Challenger team of Ron Dingle, Jim Thomas & Jacquie Carroll only scoring seven shots were defeated 7 - 21.

Written by Tony Carroll Swords Captain


El Cid v La Marina

Wednesday 12 .10.16

The first game of El Cid's 2016/17 Winter League Campaign was a comfortable 10/2 win for El Cid. 

Also 2 pts for the Challengers Team of Peter Morgan, Paul Leeder, Shirley Payne & Pam Whitmee were 3 - 9 down at 8 ends. Scoring 5 shots over the next 3 ends put them within 1 shot at 8 - 9. Scoring on 4 out of the last 6 ends won 18 - 12.

Clive Scott's Team with Adrian Lambert, Paul Trunchion and Jean McLaughlin had a fairly comfortable ride. Losing the first 2 ends then picking up a 4 on the 3rd end set them up for a 25 - 10 victory. 

Derek Randall's rink with Ian Brown, Stewart Beattie and Anita Randall lost 3 on the 1st end, scored 8 shots over the next 4 ends and were 8 - 3 up. Never looking back for the rest of the game, also finished 25 - 10

Derek Eldon's Team with Yvonne Briden, Geraldine Scutt and Lynne Eldon also had a comfortable win. Never behind from the start finished 23 - 12

Debbie Connolly's Team with Pat Metcalfe, Jack Coburn and Tony Hesketh Field had a much closer game with the scores level at 5 all on the 8th end. Picking up 6 shots on the 9th end and not scoring for the next 3, were 11 - 10 up on the 12th end. Scoring on 4 of the last 6 ends for a win 19 - 13.

Unfortunately Jack Wardrop's Team with Paul Whitmee, Halina Leeder and John Carr, didn't get off to a good start which continued throughout the game. Losing quite heavily finished 8 - 32..

Final scores: 10pts - 2pts to El Cid.  Shots 100 - 77

Written by Pat Metcalfe


El Cid Sabres v Javea Opals


Our fist away game was a wet one at Javea against Opals. We lost 12 - 0pts and 50 -83 shots. 

This was the first time, for many of our Novices, playing on another green in the rain and struggling with the different weight. 

When we arrived it was only spitting with rain but as the game went on it got heavier and we had thunder as well. It was agreed to stop the game for half an hour and review the situation. After about 15 minutes the rain stopped and the game recommenced. The rain started again but wasn't heavy enough to stop the game again and we finally got it finished.

Well done to our Team who got on with the job with no complaints. This is a learning curve for most of the Sabres Team who equipped themselves very well. The experience gained will be invaluable to all.

Well done.

Written by Pat Metcalfe

Thursday 13th October

DIREKT OPTIK 28th 29th & 30th October 3-2-1 OPEN TRIPLES COMPETITION


ORDER OF PLAY [Click Here]

Monday 3rd October

This week El Cid BC started their campaign of the 2016/17 Northern League Season.

We have 2 Squads, El Cid Swords & El Cid Sabres. Reports on both Teams will be published here every week.


Our first match of the new season saw us away to last years runners up Javea Quartz. We came away with a respectable draw, winning one game, drawing one, losing two but winning overall points to finish level 5 points each.
The win was a big one for the team of Tony Carroll, Jack Coburn and Pete Whitbread 31 - 5 which secured the overall points win. There were two very close games Jill Glastonbury, Bernie Isaacs and Jean McLaughlin securing a 16 all draw thanks to Jill firing her last bowl, lying 1 down, into a tight head and moving the jack to rest on one of Jeans bolws for shot. The team of Stewart Beattie, Alan Ferrand and Paul Trunchion were 21- 6 down after 10 ends (the 6 all coming on the 6th end) and they came back to win seven of the last eight ends to finish losing by just one shot 22 - 21. A tight low scoring game, with 13 ends being won with just one shot, resulted in a 17 - 9 loss for Ian Brown, Floyd Williams and Ros Dingle. We finished on a good note with a win 17 - 15 for the Challenger team of Ron Dingle, Jim Thomas and John Carr.
Final Result. El Cid 77 shots. Javea Quartz 60. Drawn on 5 points each.
Written by Tony Carroll Captain


The first game for the Sabres was at home against Calpe BC. We won 2 and lost 2 but lost the overall shots leaving us a 4/6pt loss.

Most of this resurrected Team are novice bowlers and playing in a League for the very first time. They all did very well and the final score of El Cid 56shots. Calpe 72shots was a very good start. 

Lets hope this will be the start of a very good Season. Captain Tony Metcalfe congratulated the Team for a very promising start.

Written by Vice Captain Pat Metcalfe

04-10- 16



12th to 22nd September
El Cid BC did very well getting through to 3 semi finals and winning 2 finals.
Derek Eldon lost in the Mens Singles semi by 1 shot'
Derek & Lynne Eldon lost in the Aussie Prs to Club mates Derek Randall & Jean McLaughlin.
Geraldine Scutt, Lynne Eldon, Pat Metcalfe and Yvonne Briden lost in the Ladies Rinks.
Ladies Rink Jean, Shirley, Anita & Halina became the 2016 Iberian Open Ladies Rinks Champions
Aussie Pair Derek Randall & Jean McLaughlin became 2016 Iberian Open Aussie Pairs Champions




Well done El Cid. The Semi finals and finals were very exciting and hard fought games to watch.




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